Trump tells Nikki Haley’s billionaires to stop supporting her.

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One day after Nikki Haley was beaten in the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump issued a warning to donors, stating that they will be “barred” from his “MAGA camp” if they continue to make contributions to her campaign. This raises the stakes for her billionaire supporters. Following his dominance in the first two contests of the Republican race, Trump has made an effort to snuff out his opponent’s campaign by referring to her as an “imposter” who does not have a genuine base of support among candidates inside the party.

Nevertheless, Trump went even further on Wednesday night, making an effort to stifle the funds that Nikki Haley is hoping will catapult her campaign to the next primary challenge, which will take place in her home state of South Carolina at the conclusion of February.

Trump tells Nikki Haley billionaires to quit funding her.

Trump tells Nikki Haley's billionaires to stop supporting her.
Trump tells Nikki Haley’s billionaires to stop supporting her.

Trump said in a statement on his social media site Truth Social, using a nickname for Nikki Haley, that “anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp.” Truth Social is a social media platform. Due to the fact that we put America first and will continue to do so in the future, we do not want them and will not welcome them.

In response to Trump’s warning, Nikki Haley posted on X, “Well, if that’s the case, then you should donate here.” Let’s Go!” coupled with a link to her page where she can make a gift. In the twenty-four hours that had passed since the New Hampshire primary, she said that her campaign had raised one million dollars.

Trump’s warning might make it more challenging for some billionaires who are supporting Haley to make their decisions. Nikki Haley candidacy for the White House is currently dangling by a thread after she suffered defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In an interview with the Financial Times last week, Ken Langone, co-founder of the retail company Home Depot in the United States, stated that he was waiting to see how Nikki Haley performed in New Hampshire before he considered giving a “major gift” to her campaign. He stated that he did not want to “throw money down a rat hole.” According to a spokesman for Langone, he was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Nikki Haley

According to a person who is acquainted with the situation, Reid Hoffman, the millionaire co-founder of LinkedIn who contributed a lot of money in the six-figure range to Haley’s quest, has closed his pocketbook altogether.

“I would have to see a path for her to win the primary in order to raise more money for Governor Haley,” said Dmitri Mehlhorn, an anti-Trump strategist and adviser to Hoffman. “I would have to see why she would win the primary.” That was a possibility if Clinton had won the New Hampshire election, but I don’t see that happening now.

Following the withdrawal of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from the race for the Republican nomination for president last week, Haley is the last significant challenger that Trump has in the battle to become the nominee for the Republican Party.

Because of her strong views on foreign policy, her nuanced messaging on abortion, and her potential to turn the page on Trump, Nikki Haley has attracted the attention of a number of donors. She received support from Americans for Prosperity Action, which Charles Koch, a libertarian billionaire, in addition to praise from Jamie Dimon, the chief executive officer of JPMorgan, who is a Democrat.

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According to an invitation, wealthy businessmen Stanley Druckenmiller, Cliff Asness, Langone, and Nikki Haley Kravis are going to co-host a Haley fundraiser in New York City the next week. However, it is unknown how many people will be present at the event. Kravis, Druckenmiller, and Asness all declined to comment on the matter.

In spite of Haley’s difficulties in the primary election, another co-host, attorney Eric Levine, expressed that he was “undaunted and unbowed” by his words. According to what he shared with the Financial Times, he had not heard of any other donors canceling contributions or fundraisers.

Levine made this statement in reference to the fact that the former president won the election in New Hampshire by a margin of eleven points over Haley. “The Trump folks were saying they’d win by twenty or thirty—they didn’t,” Levine remarked. Despite the fact that it is always preferable to win, I have not received any negative feedback from the people from whom we are raising money. It would appear that people are still enthused.

Philanthropist Simone Levinson, another co-host of next week’s gala, said Trump’s diatribe following his victory on Tuesday had cemented her choice to back Nikki Haley.

The address “was a sobering reminder of . . . why he has not won a race or brought our country together since his election in 2016,” Levinson said.

Nikki Haley

However, a consultant who was working with one of Nikki Haley contributors cautioned her that she might have “a difficult time getting donors to double down” and attract additional donations.

“I believe that if [Trump’s victory margin in New Hampshire] was less than five points, she would be bringing in new donors, and there would be a lot of enthusiasm,” the adviser added. “Now, it’s either the same as before or with less enthusiasm.

The advisor continued by saying, “No one went into this anticipating that the odds would be that likely.” “However, the already slim chances became even more bleak.”

Haley and the SFA Fund, which is a super-political action committee that supports Nikki Haley fundraising efforts, have stated that she will continue campaigning until the South Carolina primary election, which will take place the following month. However, opinion surveys suggest that she is lagging Trump in that state by a significant amount.

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The governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, as well as the senators of the state, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, have all given their support to Donald Trump.

“From the very beginning, our donors have been committed to this endeavor for the long haul,” said Mark Harris, the political strategist for the SFA Fund.

The superPACs and the Trump campaign will spend more money than we do. It is not a problem,” Harris continued. “We are the ones conducting the assault on the castle.”

Ortenca Aliaj in New York and Lauren Fedor in Manchester, New Hampshire both contributed additional reporting.

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