Donald Trump and E Jean Carroll enter in court for restart of defamation trial

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Donald Trump and E Jean Carroll enter in court for restart of defamation trial – live.

Trump strikes out at Carroll in dozens of nighttime posts just hours before his trial (14:46).

Donald Trump spent the hours before E Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial against him was supposed to resume on Thursday publishing provocative statements on his Truth Social site assaulting the writer.

On Thursday night, the former president shared more than 35 posts on Carroll, including rants, videos, previous social media posts, and interviews with her.
“I’m heading back to New York City for a trial based on False Accusations, from perhaps decades ago — The woman has no idea when!” he said, referring to Carroll’s case.

Trump and Carroll arrived at the Manhattan courthouse at 14:26.
Donald Trump’s motorcade has arrived at the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan.
E Jean Carroll has also been photographed arriving at the courthouse.

Donald Trump and E Jean Carroll enter in court for restart of defamation trial

14:18Victoria Bekiempis
The prospective judicial battle between Donald Trump and E Jean Carroll was initially scheduled for Monday. However, proceedings were disrupted when a juror became ill with Covid symptoms on his way to the courthouse.

Carroll’s primary attorney, Roberta Kaplan, claimed that hearings should continue without this juror. It was later discovered in court, however, that Trump’s crew had been exposed to Covid.
Alina Habba, Trump’s principal attorney in this matter, stated that she had been present at a dinner with her parents many days earlier, and that at least one of them had contracted Covid. Habba said on Monday that she was feeling ill.

The judge agreed to postpone hearings until Tuesday so that Carroll’s witnesses and jurors could take Covid tests. Habba then noted that Trump, who was scheduled to testify, would be busy campaigning on Tuesday and requested another postponement. Habba says:

My client reminded me, and since I am in trial mode, I apologize, that tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary, and he must be in New Hampshire. He was planning to testify. Clearly, he traveled in last night to be present. Given the news regarding the juror today, I would just need his testimony to take place on Wednesday.

Judge Lewis Kaplan stated that he would not make a decision quickly. Later that day, a court filing disclosed that proceedings will be rescheduled for Wednesday.

A court filing on Tuesday indicated that proceedings would be postponed again until Thursday. No explanation for each postponement was provided.

Donald Trump is expected to attend today’s Manhattan federal court proceedings and could be called to the stand to testify.

The former president attended trial proceedings on two days last week including on 17 January, when the former Elle writer described how his 2019 denials of her rape claim smeared her reputation. Carroll’s testimony marked the first time she confronted him in a courtroom.

Donald Trump and E Jean Carroll enter in court for restart of defamation trial

Trump reacted to Carroll’s testimony with repeated outbursts, prompting the judge, Lewis Kaplan, to warn that the ex-president would be booted from court if he refused to behave. Trump’s response was to taunt the judge, setting the stage for another potential showdown between the veteran jurist and the bombastic 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

E Jean Carroll defamation trial against Donald Trump to resume

This ongoing trial is Carroll’s second defamation case against Trump. A jury in May found the former US president liable of sexual abuse and defamation, awarding Carroll $5m in damages.

Carroll claimed Trump raped her around late 1995 or 1996, in the dressing room of a Manhattan department store. She went public with her claim in 2019 when a portion of her book, What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal was published in New York magazine.

Carroll first sued Trump in 2019 over his subsequent denials. She sued him again in 2022 when New York’s Adult Survivors Act allowed her to file suit over the sexual assault and defamatory statements he made when no longer president.

That second lawsuit went to trial this spring. The judge, Lewis Kaplan, determined that the jury’s findings – that he sexually abused and defamed her – would be accepted as fact in this trial. This means the jury is only weighing damages.

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