Ignoring politics is the best course of action when it comes to immigration.

The Senate immigration invoice, subsequently released just in time to roil Congress on Sunday night, offers extra political angles than a high-college trigonometry textbook. The authors of the law — Oklahoma conservative Republican Jim Lankford, Arizona’s mercurial impartial Kyrsten Sinema and Connecticut liberal Democrat Chris Murphy — deserve plaudits for their plucky willpower and their a82ee8a4ee179e54beacaecce0423cb2 notion in compromise. In the course of a presidential election yr, almost all reactions …

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“Strongest border deal in history,” according to Biden during his address to governors

Both the stock market and jobs are rising. Why is Joe Biden's standing in the polls not improving more?

President Biden on Friday made a prolonged case for passing a bipartisan border protection deal brokered inside the Senate as he hosted more or less 30 governors at the White House. Immigration was a key component of the reception for governors, with reality sheets laying out info of the Senate deal placed on tables where the governors had been seated. After beginning with remarks on the war in Ukraine, Biden …

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Nikki Haley says she believes embryos are children but disagrees with the Alabama Supreme Court decision.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said Thursday that, while she believes a frozen embryo is a baby, she disagreed with the Alabama Supreme Court’s in vitro fertilization decision last week. In an interview on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Haley backtracked on her initial reactions to the verdict, which determined that frozen embryos are children under the law and those who destroy them can be held liable for …

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President Biden Announces Student Debt Relief: “They’re Free To Chase Their Dreams”

Borrowers who borrowed $12,000 or less and have been repaying their student loans for ten years will have the remaining debt forgiven under the new program.Washington, USA: US President Joe Biden, who was mostly elected in 2020 by young voters, declared on Wednesday that he will be expanding his student loan forgiveness program by waiving the debt of an extra 150,000 citizens. In a statement, Biden said, “A college degree …

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James Biden ‘contradicted’ himself during testimony on brother’s involvement in family business: GOP lawmakers

On Wednesday, members of the Republican Party accused James Biden of contradicting himself when testifying about his brother’s alleged business dealings with the family. The brother of the president initially stated that he was not a part of a deal with his nephew Hunter Biden and business colleagues Rob Walker, Tony Bobulinski, and James Gilliar, according to a source who was aware of the encounter. However, when Biden was shown …

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They experience ‘a bone-deep sense of betrayal.’ They want Biden defeated in 2024.

They experience 'a bone-deep sense of betrayal.' They want Biden defeated in 2024.

DEARBORN, Michigan – When Mohammad Enayah was sleeping, his cell phone began to ping, which alerted him to the message that had been sent from Gaza. It was two in the morning. The phrase “I hate to tell you this news” was written by his cousin. Thirty-seven members of his extended family had been slain in an Israeli air strike that had been carried out on a Palestinian refugee camp. …

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Should Trump win the presidency, Nikki Haley promises to pardon him.

Nikki Haley has stated she would pardon Donald Trump if she had become president, insisting it’d be “crucial for us of a to move on”. The Republican presidential contender made the comment days far away from the primary contest in her home nation of South Carolina, wherein polls show her lagging nicely in the back of Mr Trump. Her intervention induced speculation that she was extending an olive branch to …

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Haley wants to prevent a WWE-Trump match. He won’t let her leave.

Haley wants to prevent a WWE-Trump match. He won't let her leave.

BAMBERG, South Carolina – Nikki Haley avoided the problematic issue of a female president for as long as she could handle it. When she entered the contest a year ago, she was the only female candidate standing in a field that was expected to include former vice presidents, former governors, and even a senator from the United States of America. Very few people expected that she would be the last …

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Trump Booed as He Drops $399 Official Gold Sneakers at Sneaker Con | Video

Trump's remarks about NATO have been called "appalling and unhinged."

When former President Donald Trump introduced glittering gold sneakers with the Trump brand at Sneaker Con in Pennsylvania, he was met with a response that was definitely divided. But despite that nine-figure setback, he had some good news on Saturday: Trump’s sneakers rapidly sold out. The introduction of the $399 shoes comes after a week in which a judge ordered him to pay $355 million for fraud. The judge’s ruling …

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High-profile Republicans leave amid House GOP disarray.

House Republicans were taken aback by some of their colleagues’ recent high-profile retirement announcements, which included influential committee chairs and rising GOP stars. However, given the current state of events in the House, they were not surprised. “They have joined up to accomplish serious things. And we’re not doing significant things,” said Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, a conservative who is retiring after defying his party on numerous critical issues. Rep. …

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