Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary; Haley vows to fight.

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Located in Washington, According to projections made by CBS News, former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the New Hampshire Republican primary. He triumphed over his lone remaining opponent, Nikki Haley, in a victory that further solidified his position as the undisputed front-runner to become the Republican nominee for president in 2024.

As a result of Trump’s victory in the Granite State, Haley’s efforts to bring together an anti-Trump coalition consisting of moderate Republicans and independents who are capable of slowing down his march toward the nomination were unsuccessful.

Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary; Haley vows to fight.
Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary; Haley vows to fight.

After it became clear that Trump had won the election, Haley announced that she would continue to run for office and assured her supporters that “this race is far from over until it is over.” “I have news for all of you — New Hampshire is first in the nation, it is not the last in the nation,” stated the politician.

As a preview of the expected next phase of the campaign, the former United Nations ambassador and governor of South Carolina was immediately subjected to pressure from Trump supporters to withdraw from the race and bring the party together.

Almost immediately after she finished speaking, Trump announced his victory and was critical of the optimistic tone of her address, stating that she had a “very bad night.”

Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary; Haley vows to fight.

Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary; Haley vows to fight.

The electorate in New Hampshire’s primary election on Tuesday was significantly more moderate than the people who delivered Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucuses. Haley had been closing the gap with Trump in the weeks preceding up to the primary election in New Hampshire, which was the first primary election in the nation.

In the end, the amount of time and money that Haley and her supporters invested in the race was not sufficient to break Trump’s hold on the Republican Party. Republicans who were looking for an alternative to Trump had thought that the state’s significant number of independent voters, who could vote for either party, would catapult Haley to victory.

Trump is currently in the lead after winning the first two contests of the 2024 election cycle. His triumph in New Hampshire and his convincing victory in Iowa led to his current position. In each of the four most recent competitive election cycles, the candidates who emerged victorious in the primary election held in the Granite State went on to earn the nominee of their respective party for president, including Donald Trump in 2016.

Although they have won both Iowa and New Hampshire, no Republican candidate in the modern era of primary elections has ever lost the nomination.

There were twenty-two Republican delegates up for grabs in New Hampshire out of the total 2,391 that were up for grabs across the country. Delegates are distributed in New Hampshire in a manner that is proportionate to a candidate’s share of the vote in the state. The projections indicated that Trump would win at least twelve delegates, while Haley was expected to win at least nine delegates.

Trump says Haley had a “very bad night”

Trump wins 2024 New Hampshire primary; Haley vows to fight.

Late on Tuesday night, Trump delivered a victory speech in Nashua, New Hampshire, in which he praised his victory while simultaneously berating Haley for celebrating her second-place result.

Trump slammed Haley without identifying her, stating that she had a “very bad night.” He was surrounded by people who had previously run for the White House, such as Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Vivek Ramaswamy, as well as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

As if she had already won, she is giving a speech. “She did not win; she was defeated,” Trump commented.

The microphone was momentarily given to Ramaswamy, who stated that Haley’s prolonged participation in the election is a representation of the “ugly underbelly of American politics.” Trump briefly relinquished the microphone. “This man will win it in a landslide,” Ramaswamy stated the other day.

Biden: “MAGA movement has completed its takeover” of GOP after Trump’s win

The campaign for President Biden’s reelection did not spend any time in shifting its focus toward the general election. In a statement, the campaign stated that Trump had “locked up the GOP nomination” with his victory. According to the campaign, the results of the election in New Hampshire demonstrated that the “election denying, anti-freedom MAGA movement has completed its takeover of the Republican Party.”

A comparison was made between the agenda of Mr. Biden and that of Mr. Trump, with the campaign claiming that the former president would “undermine American democracy” and restrict abortion on a national level.

According to the campaign, “Joe Biden has a different perspective on things.” “He’s fighting to grow our economy for the middle-class, strengthen our democracy, and protect the rights of every single American.”

The Biden campaign stated that it is “increasingly clear” that Trump will be on the ballot in November, and that he will face “the only person to have ever beaten him at the ballot box: Joe Biden.” This statement was made in light of the expected results that came out of New Hampshire.

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