Runway Recap: Revealing the Footwear, Bags, and Accessory Trends That Define S/S ’24

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As the Spring/Summer 2024 catwalk season draws to a close, now is a good time to consider the accessories that will make a lasting impression on the summer fashion scene the following year.

Innovation, rebirth, and unapologetically expressive clothing are juxtaposed in the Spring/Summer 2024 collection to compellingly redefine style. This season, high-end brands and designers have combined to create a tapestry of trends that go beyond the typical, captivating the audience and upending preconceived ideas with their stunning looks.

The runways depict a vibrant picture of a season defined by adaptability and audacious experimentation, from the return of nostalgic favorites to the introduction of bold accessories.

The Soft Under Arm Bag, which offers a roomy and subtle elegance, stands out as a practical and stylish alternative to mini-bag trends.

While the Hobo Bag takes center stage with its linear, rounded pragmatism and varied styling options, confirming its timeless and adaptable appeal, the Soft Under Arm Bag stands out as a practical and stylish departure from mini-bag trends, offering a spacious and understated elegance.

Regarding shoes, The Ballerina reappears in the spotlight with aplomb, looking strapless or nearly so, and enthralling spectators with its varied takes at Akris, Balenciaga, and Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.

Furthermore, the Casual Pump upends the subdued luxury trend in ready-to-wear by featuring textured materials, faux fur, or spikes. These pumps, which are on display at Bevza, Mugler, and Carven, go beyond simple shoes to become collectible items that are both fashionable and Instagrammable.

Unmistakably, the aesthetics of the early 2000s are returning, as evidenced by the bold resurgence of the choker or choker necklace on the catwalks of luxury brands such as Chanel, Givenchy, Dior, and Patou. Its flamboyant, rocky, or girly versions exhibit a fusion of nostalgia and modern flair, and they are a perfect fit for the Y2K trend.

Previously regarded as a subtle accessory, basics like socks have become a niche trend this season, as seen on the runways of Givenchy, Zimmermann, and Vaillant. Knee-high socks, whether in light denier black or pastel shades, add a feminine, vintage charm to ensembles when worn with long, pencil, or slit skirts.

Fashion calls out to the audacious and the eclectic in Spring/Summer 2024, inviting fans to embrace a wide range of trends that push the limits of personal expression and style.

Apparel Resources assesses a wide range of trends, including the return of pumps, the understated appeal of stockings, the elegant allure of ballerinas, and the classic and versatile appeal of the hobo bag. Continue reading to find out what you ought to include in your assortments.

The soft under arm bag

In stark contrast to the recent fashion scene’s obsession with tiny bags, the Spring/Summer 2024 collection highlighted the prominence of the soft underarm bag.

This roomy, sometimes oversize purse was seen on the arms of many models on the catwalks. This accessory, which was often made with a unisex appeal, filled the functional gap left by the previous mini-bag trend in a nod to practicality.

Constructed from soft leather or coated canvas, these bags usually do not have handles. The preferred styling, on the other hand, is to wedge it to the side, placing it snugly between the hips and the arm.

Notable interpretations of the soft underarm bag were seen at Phillip Lim, Rokh, and Miu Miu, demonstrating its appeal across a variety of fashion collections.

The hobo bag

During the Spring/Summer 2024 international fashion shows, the hobo bag became a prominent accessory trend. It was spotted at prestigious fashion houses like Dion Lee, Valentino, and Hermès.

The hobo bag, with its rounded corners and linear design, is a classic and accommodating accessory that is perfect for everyday wear.

The half-moon shape of the hobo bag, which is frequently carried elegantly by hand, took center stage at Hermès, Chloé, and Valentino. On the other hand, the trend was presented at Dion Lee and Bottega Veneta in oversized proportions that were elegantly worn on the shoulder.

This flexible styling method highlights how the hobo bag can be tailored to suit a variety of tastes and situations. The hobo bag is still in style even after it became popular in 2022 because of its classic style that provides a secure haven for those who love fashion. Its continuous appearance on the catwalks further confirms its standing as a reliable and fashionable option for the next season.

The ballerina

Ballerinas are still very much in style, as seen by their appearance at major Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows like Akris, Balenciaga, and Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood.

This classic footwear option is still popular for S/S ’24 and is predicted to return for a number of seasons. Trainers are more practical than ballet shoes, which are usually flat and frequently have straps.

On the runways, various takes on this timeless look were displayed. Balenciaga adopted a powdery pink aesthetic, while Luisaviaroma showcased sharp and metallic variations. Akris chose a patent finish, while Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood showcased a lace-like version, emphasizing the ballerina’s adaptability to different tastes and styles.

This footwear’s timeless appeal highlights its ongoing significance and relevance in the always changing fashion industry.

The choker or choker necklace

The resurgence of the 2000s-style choker necklace was evident on the catwalks of high-end brands at the just-completed international fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2024.

Notable fashion houses like Givenchy, Dior, Chanel, Patou, and Patou saw this trend.

The chokers were a perfect fit for the Y2K look, showcasing a wide range from feminine to edgy and flashy. Notable observations of this accessory trend at well-known designer showcases highlight how widely popular designers have adopted it, making it a trend to watch.

The pump

The recent international fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2024 showcased the casual pump as a noteworthy footwear trend.

In contrast to the ready-to-wear industry’s dominant Quiet Luxury trend, shoes emerged as a disruptive element that gave silhouettes a bold, dynamic character.

The chance to be extravagant was seized by luxury brands, who produced spiked-studded casual pumps, faux fur accents, and textured materials.

Leading designers like Bevza, Mugler, and Carven allowed themselves some artistic license this season, producing pumps that are more than just shoes—they’re collectible items with equally alluring Instagram aesthetics.

The casual pump can blend avant-garde elements with classicism to bring it back to life.

The brooch

Once a timeless piece of jewelry, the brooch is making a comeback for the upcoming season. Schiaparelli, Pedro Del Hierro, and Stella McCartney have all had them prominently displayed at fashion shows.

The brooch has been given new life at Schiaparelli, Stella McCartney, and Chanel, where it is now a crucial component to bring color to both formal and casual ensembles.

Luxury brands are embracing the brooch for S/S ’24, exploring its romantic potential and adaptable aesthetics in addition to its formal elegance and artistic strength.

Spring/Summer 2024 will see a variety of brooches, including XXL, floral, animal-inspired, and abstract designs. It can take the form of anything from metal to fabric, giving rise to a vast array of styles and expressions.

With its resurrected significance, the brooch is making a big impression as a versatile piece of jewellery that enhances and complements the current fashion scene.


One of the specialized but intriguing trends for the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows is socks, which were prominently displayed at Givenchy, Zimmermann, and Vaillant. This new trend has an enticing appeal that has the power to elevate fashion awareness among the general public.

The highlight of the collection was knee-high socks, especially in light denier black or pastel colors. As these knee-highs were deftly paired with long skirts, slitted skirts, or pencil skirts, an air of vintage charm returned. The end effect was a refined and feminine appearance that combined nostalgia with modern design.

The use of socks in the ensemble, as seen at Givenchy, Zimmermann, and Vaillant, points to a sophisticated and fashionable way to accessorise for the next season.

Flashy ear accessories

A wide variety of eye-catching ear ornaments were on display for the Spring/Summer 2024 season, making an impression at fashion shows like Laruicci, Saint Laurent, and Zimmermann.

With their striking and eye-catching designs, earrings stole the show. Frequently oversized and mostly made of gold, these accessories gave the silhouette a carefree, happy vibe that belied any hesitation.

These XXL earrings were essential in improving the ensemble’s overall style, whether worn as a pair or separately. When worn with minimalist ensembles, they became more than just accessories—rather, they were a purposeful and artistic statement.

For S/S ’24, these eye-catching ear pieces become a vibrant and expressive trend, bringing a dash of glitz and humor to the world of fashion.


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