Aidan O’Connell of the Raiders will get the start against the Chargers. Is this his final chance?

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As of HENDERSON, Nevada, Aidan O’Connell made his weekly appearance on the podium on Tuesday afternoon. This is an indication that the rookie quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders will be starting once more against the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night.

Antonio Pierce, the head coach of the Raiders, stated on Monday that he was still considering whether or not to make a change at quarterback and other positions after the team suffered its third consecutive loss, which was a humiliating 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings offense. On the other hand, it appears that the fact that the Raiders are on a short week had a role in the decision to continue with O’Connell rather than going back to the veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.
If O’Connell does not significantly improve from his performance on the previous Sunday, which resulted in eight first-downs, Garoppolo might be able to return for the game that takes place on Christmas Day against the Kansas City Chiefs. It is highly probable. It is dependent on the novice.

O’Connell, who is 25 years old, has a quarterbacking record of 134-for-210 with 1,365 yards, four touchdowns, seven interceptions, and 6.5 yards per attempt. He has started six games and had one relieving appearance. Garoppolo, who had recently undergone foot surgery, was forced to miss six starts over the course of the season due to a concussion and a back issue. He was club-sandwiched between the two injuries. After the firing of coach Josh McDaniels, he was benched after he completed 110 of 168 passes for 1,205 yards, seven touchdowns, nine interceptions, and a completion percentage of 7.2 yards per attempt.

Aidan O’Connell of the Raiders will get the start against the Chargers. Is this his final chance?

Despite the fact that the Raiders are planning to release Garoppolo at the end of this season, he is expected to count for more than $28 million against the cap in the following season. (They do have the option of a cut that would take place after June 1 in order to reduce the amount, but doing so would push his dead cap hit all the way into 2025.) It is already certain that Garoppolo will receive a roster bonus of $11.25 million for the following season; however, if he were to play this season and suffer another injury, the Raiders would be faced with the possibility of owing him the base salary of $11.25 million for the following season. This is only guaranteed in the event of an injury, but it will become fully guaranteed if he is still on the roster on March 18, 2024, which is the fifth day of the new league year, or if he is unable to qualify for a medical examination on that date.

It would be interesting to learn whether or not interim general manager Champ Kelly is willing to consider the potential that Garoppolo may become healthier at this point and regain the starting job for the remaining three games and all of the games that come after them. On the other hand, if owner Mark Davis considers Garoppolo, McDaniels, and the previously ousted general manager Dave Ziegler to be mistakes made by the New England Patriots in the past. However, neither one of them is going to divulge that information, particularly before another O’Connell starting point is reached.
All three of O’Connell’s consecutive defeats have been against defenses that are among the best in the NFL: the Miami Dolphins, the Chiefs, and the Vikings. There have been a total of 46 points scored by the Raiders in their last four games, including the game before that, which was a victory over the New York Jets by a score of 16-12. However, the Chargers are ranked 29th in the NFL in terms of yards allowed per game, while the other four teams are all ranked among the top 10 in the league.
But the Chargers are currently in second place in the National Football League with 43 sacks, with Khalil Mack, an old buddy of the team, leading the way with a league-high 15. Six of those came in O’Connell’s first game, which was against the Raiders in Week 4; the rookie had two fumbles and an interception in that loss, and Mack himself stated that he held the ball for too long. It was, in a literal sense, developing pains.

Aidan O’Connell of the Raiders will get the start against the Chargers. Is this his final chance?

O’Connell stated on Tuesday that he has improved his attention to detail and that he has gained a greater understanding of the significance of each and every play.

Since his first start against the Chargers, Pierce has stated that O’Connell does not appear to be as “rattled (or) wide-eyed” as he was in that instance. On the other hand, he is not gazing downfield nearly enough.

During their game against the Vikings, the Raiders tried a season-low two passes that were targeted at least 15 yards downfield. Neither of those passes were completed. According to TruMedia, O’Connell has completed 15.7 percent of his passes to targets that are 15 yards or further downfield over the course of the last four games. This ranks 27th in the NFL since Week 10.

On Monday, Pierce expressed his desire for the Raiders to take more deep shots, and he stated that this has been a recurring topic of discussion at the Raiders’ headquarters. On the other hand, strong opponents make it a point to prevent the Raiders from having the time or space downfield to make those throws as frequently as possible.

During the course of a game, O’Connell stated that there are moments when we do not have a lot of opportunities. Because they are aware that we have players with a high level of skill, teams have given us a lot of two-high (safety) plays and have attempted to restrict the opportunities we have. Whenever they arrive, we are obligated to take them. However, we must use patience and sound judgment in this matter.

As a result of the Vikings’ unusual blitzes and coverages, the Raiders “weren’t able to figure out” them, according to Adams, who stated that the Raiders. Following the game, he did not engage in conversation with the media, and he did not watch the movie until Monday.

Adams added, “Not when you’re in that kind of mood after the game, which I’m sure you’d understand how we feel after one like that.” That is exactly how we feel after a game like that. “I mean, it’s embarrassing as well,” she said. You walk off that field and you have a lot of fans that came to see you play and they paid their money to do so. You then go up and put up a goose egg in front of them.

Whenever the opposing team wins by a margin of three and they only scored three points, it is a very unfortunate situation.
After Adams had finally gotten around to watching the movie on Monday, he made it a point to share his thoughts with his rookie quarterback.

Aidan O’Connell of the Raiders will get the start against the Chargers. Is this his final chance?

Adams stated, “Aidan is a professional.” “He is aware of the fact that he does not are aware of everything. Not only do I not know everything, but neither do any of us. However, the more we can collaborate in order to try to assist one another, the better. I try to shed as much light as I can without being a quarterback coach, and I just talk to him, talk him through his process, and talk him through what I was thinking on various things just so that we can try to figure it out. I have a lot more experience than he does, and it is evident that I have what he does not. According to Adams, the Raiders still have a chance to make the playoffs despite their current record of 5-8.

Adams stated that the window in question had not yet been shut. “However, we are also competing for our pride and for the opportunity to have our name printed on the back and front of our sweaters. There is a great deal that is still up for grabs.

On both Monday and Tuesday, the Raiders conducted walkthroughs; nevertheless, they were required to provide estimates on their injury report regarding whether or not players would have been able to participate in practice if there had been one. Running back Josh Jacobs suffering from a quadriceps injury, defensive end Maxx Crosby suffering from a knee injury, left lineman Kolton Miller suffering from a shoulder injury, and center Andre James suffering from an ankle injury would have been unable to play.

It is believed that Jacobs would be able to participate in the game if it were played on a Sunday; however, the fact that he has three fewer days to heal will most likely force him to make a decision regarding during the game.

O’Connell has maintained his composure in spite of the fact that he has suffered three consecutive defeats and increasing ailments.

“I make an effort to place football in its proper context,” he remarked. I am a guy who is going to put in as much effort as I possibly can, but I am going to rely on my religion to assist me in ensuring that football does not become the end of the world. There are instances when being overly obsessed with football might cause you to become bogged down by it. Still, I want to take pleasure in it. The authoritative rating of the National Football League’s finest 100 players of all time, “The Football 100,” is now available for purchase. Place your order right here.


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