Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that the presidential election of 2024 is drawing nearer, and there are a number of states in which the fight for the White House may go either way. It seems likely that battleground states will play a significant part in determining the outcome of the presidential election in November of this year, as they did in both 2016 and 2020. Recent surveys indicate that this is likely to be the case.

In 2016, former President Donald Trump won the election in part by constructing a “red wall” of battleground states in the Midwest. His successes in areas such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are frequently regarded as the elements that ultimately determined the outcome of the race. In the four years that followed, President Joe Biden was able to defeat Donald Trump mostly by regaining control of these states for the Democratic Party.

Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.
Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

In the year 2024, whoever is nominated for the presidency will surely be required to win these states in order to successfully become the next president. A look at the states that will be a battlefield in the presidential election of 2024 is presented below.

As it did in 2016 and 2020, the United States of America’s dairy state may wind up making some holes in the future election that are comparable to those found in Swiss cheese. There is a high probability that the route to the presidency “will run directly through Wisconsin as the swing state could prove pivotal in deciding which party emerges victorious,” as reported by Spectrum News Milwaukee.

The state of Wisconsin, which has only ten electoral votes, “could once again be the tipping point state,” according to Anthony Chergosky, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, to Spectrum. The decision of the Republican Party to hold the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee is largely influenced by this particular factor.

Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

Milwaukee’s suburbs have “historically voted Republican but have been shifting towards Democrats over the last several years,” according to a report by National Public Radio (NPR). This indicates that the demographics in the vicinity of Wisconsin’s major cities are undergoing a discernible transition. In a state where four of the last six presidential elections were determined by less than one percent of the vote, this could be the issue that determines the outcome.

In Michigan
The state of Michigan has also become a predictive state for those who are interested in capturing the White House. In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost the state of Michigan by a margin of only two votes per precinct, and she would go on to lose the election.

It was largely thanks to the support of African-Americans living in the suburbs of Detroit that Vice President Biden was able to secure the state’s sixteen electoral votes in the year 2020. He will attempt to achieve the same thing this year.

On the other hand, a recent poll conducted by The Detroit News, which questioned 600 respondents, revealed that Biden was lagging Trump in the general election in the state of Michigan by eight points.

Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

“marked a low for a major public officeholder in modern Michigan political history,” according to the people who conducted the poll, only 17% of respondents believed that the incumbent Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, “deserved another term leading the country,” as stated by the outlet.

CNN said that Michigan as a whole has “tilted more toward Democrats since 2016 than Wisconsin,” despite the fact that it is “possible that order could shift in November.” Because the state is home to a sizable Arab American and Muslim population, the strategies that each contender proposes to address the conflict between Israel and Hamas have the potential to be the deciding factor in the election.

One of the states
In the year 2020, the Keystone State was able to achieve the threshold of success for Biden, and it is without a doubt that Pennsylvania’s 19 electoral votes will play a significant role once again this year. In addition, contrary to the situation in Michigan, a recent survey conducted by Quinnipiac University indicates that the president is now in the lead in Pennsylvania.

The results of the poll showed that 49% of voters supported Biden, while 46% supported Trump. This represents the “first time in Pennsylvania that Biden has a numerical advantage over Trump in the 2024 presidential race,” according to Quinnipiac.

The fact that the race is still so early, however, means that this margin could shift at any moment. In addition, Pennsylvania was plagued with bogus allegations of voter fraud from Trump and his team four years ago, and some people are concerned that a scenario similar to this one could occur in the year 2024.

Keep an eye on these battleground states during the election of 2024.

The state of Pennsylvania “should update its century-old Election Code, make long-sought adjustments to mail voting processes, and strengthen the system against bogus fraud claims,” according to Spotlight PA, which claimed that a number of election workers are pressing for these changes. The source was informed by at least four of these individuals that there were modifications that needed to be made in order to “shore up Pennsylvania’s system against frivolous fraud allegations.”

A Georgian
The Peach State is undergoing a “transition from GOP stronghold to a premier battleground as the political calendar turns to the 2024 presidential cycle,” according to a report by the Associated Press. Historically, the state has been a bulwark of the Republican Party.

It was after the Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock won his runoff election at the end of 2022 that the Associated Press made its evaluation. This victory ensured that Georgia will continue to have two Democratic senators for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the triumph of Warnock “came a month after Governor Brian Kemp led the Republican Party’s general election sweep of Georgia’s statewide constitutional offices,” as the Associated Press also pointed out.

Even though Biden was victorious in Georgia in 2020, the state’s recent political successes are likely to make the election in November a completely close call.

According to Fox News, it has the potential to become “the toughest battleground test in his bid for re-election in 2024,” and the 16 electoral votes that the state possesses “could ultimately determine who ends up in the White House on Inauguration Day 2025.” Trump has been gaining ground in the polls of the state, according to the publication, and this advantage has been “strengthened by Biden’s lackluster support from Black voters.”

In Arizona

Biden’s victory in Arizona was only the second time in Arizona’s history that the state had gone blue since the 1940s. It was also the first time a Democrat had captured the state since former President Bill Clinton in 1996. When 2024 rolls around, its eleven electoral votes will once again be a valuable commodity.

In a state that Biden won by a margin of only 10,000 votes in 2020, Arizona is notable for having one of the greatest contingents of independent voters, which could be a deciding factor in the forthcoming election. As reported by Reuters, the number of independents in Arizona is more than the number of Democrats and Republicans.

A survey that was conducted in the summer of 2017 and referenced by the outlet revealed that “37 percent of independents across the country said that the criminal cases against Trump made them less likely to vote for him for president.”

Some independents “are still supporting the brash former reality TV showman, who asserts without evidence that he is a victim of a judicial system biased against Republicans,” according to Reuters. This is despite the fact that many independents appear to have not yet made up their minds.

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