Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.

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Taylor Swift, a pop singer, registered enough voters on a single day in September of last year to potentially swing close races in many states. Turnout experts anticipate that the millennial vote will be high for the presidential election in 2024.

Swift was able to convince a record number of people to register to vote on National Voter Registration Day by posting on Instagram. Many of these individuals were teenagers who will be eligible to vote in the election that will take place this fall. The states of Texas, California, New York, Illinois, and Florida are among the top states for new registrations that were motivated by Swift among the states.

Although the new voter registrations are not likely to be sufficient to influence the presidential election, several races for the United States House of Representatives in 2022 were decided by fewer than 1,000 votes.

Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.
Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.

One of these races was in Colorado, where Republican Representative Lauren Boebert won her reelection by 546 votes. Swift’s fanbase tends to be younger and more liberal than the country as a whole. As was the case in 2020, there is every sign that the number of young people voting will be high again this year, according to experts.

“The younger generation is really starting to connect the dots between what they care about and participation numbers,” said Andrea Hailey, the CEO of Vote.org, a nonpartisan organization that registered 279,400 new voters in the previous year. “When you have someone registering 30,000 votes at a time it absolutely can have an impact.”

The importance of youth voting in the election of 2024

Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.

Turnout among young people has been a source of concern for a long time, since analysts have observed that millions of people who could vote simply do not bother to do so: As opposed to persons aged 65 to 74, around 48% of eligible voters between the ages of 18 and 29 cast a ballot in the election that took place in 2020.

Just under forty percent of young people cast ballots in 2016. According to Hailey, approximately eighty percent of the individuals that Vote.org registers will actually cast ballots in the upcoming election.

There are over 170 million people who are registered to vote in the United States. The state of Texas was the one in which Taylor Swift had the greatest impact in a single day, with approximately 2,700 new registrations and 4,562 registrations over the subsequent ten days. Approximately 17.7 million people are registered to vote in the state of Texas.

Vote.org enters into partnerships with influential individuals, such as Swift, in order to communicate with prospective voters, particularly young people. In a manner that is reminiscent of the work that Rock the Vote did with MTV beginning in the 1990s, it also collaborates with micro-influencers who are affiliated with historically black institutions and universities, as well as other musicians and performers.

Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.

Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.

Over the course of this election season, the nonpartisan Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University has identified a number of states in which the participation of young people in the voting process has the potential to make a major difference overall. Among these are the races for the presidency in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona; the races for the Senate in Arizona, Ohio, and Montana; and the races for the House of Representatives in Michigan, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

“We’ve been in a period of historically high, record-setting youth participation, and it certainly has made a difference and shaped election results,” said Alberto Medina, a spokesperson for CIRCLE. “There’s a growing recognition that the youth vote is both valuable and powerful.”

Swift’s political appearances have been rare and infrequent.
In the post that she published in the fall of 2017, Taylor Swift urged her 278 million fans all around the world to take part in the approaching elections. However, she did not endorse any particular politicians or positions.

Recently, she wrote a message on her Instagram account that read, “I’ve been so fortunate to see so many of you guys at my shows in the United States.” “I am aware of the extent to which your voices are powerful because I have heard you raise them. If you want to use them in our elections this year, make sure you are prepared to do so!

Election 2024 will be in a new era. Taylor Swift may be influential.

Despite the fact that Swift is often impartial regarding candidates, she has repeatedly urged her fans to exercise their right to vote.

She did, however, support two Democratic candidates for Congress in Tennessee in 2018, claiming her opposition to Marsha Blackburn as the reason for her endorsement. In the race for a seat in the United States Senate, Blackburn emerged victorious with 54.7% of the vote, defeating Phil Bredesen, Swift’s preferred candidate. Jim Cooper, Swift’s second supported candidate, was victorious in his victory in the House campaign.

Swift voiced her concern that she should have attacked Donald Trump with greater intensity during the 2016 campaign in a video that filmed her interactions with her family and staff when she was contemplating such endorsements for 2018. A declaration made by Swift to Trump in the year 2020 was, “We will vote you out.”

Tess Bohne, who is 32 years old and a Swift superfan, believes that the performer’s honesty and sensitivity are essential in order to connect with her audiences and convince them to listen to her when she speaks, even when she uses political language on occasion.

For Bohne, a resident of Salt Lake City who livestreams Taylor Swift concerts on her TikTok account to more than 300,000 followers, “Taylor puts herself in this glass bowl, where she puts her vulnerabilities, the ugly parts, and the beautiful parts, on display,” Bohne said.

This amount of trust is being given to us by her because of the vulnerabilities she is exposing. “She trusts us with her vulnerabilities, and we trust her, so that when she says, ‘Go vote,’ we believe that it is important to her, and therefore it is important to us in the same way.”

After denouncing President George W. Bush over the impending war of Iraq in 2003, members of the band formerly known as the Dixie Chicks saw their careers in country music take a nosedive.

Bohne expressed her admiration for Swift’s ability to revive the band. In 2019, Swift included members of the band that is now known as The Chicks in an emotional song that she wrote about her mother’s battle with cancer. Swift also invited members of the band to perform live alongside her.

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