Donald Trump 2.0: Sound a Joe Biden alarm and follow the instructions.

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Are you Haley?

Immediately following his victory over Nikki Haley in the first primary of the season, which took place in New Hampshire, Donald Trump spent his celebration speech making fun of everything from her morals to the clothes she wore. However, he did not use her name when he won the South Carolina primary election on Saturday, which was an even more significant triumph.

Hello, and welcome to the next stage of the race for the presidency.

In spite of the fact that she has the campaign finance necessary to remain in the race until at least Super Tuesday on March 5, Haley says that she is not yet prepared to give up on the Republican competition to Trump. Next, a third of the delegates to the Republican National Convention, which will take place in July, will be awarded to the winners of contests held in fifteen states and one territory.
However, after suffering a defeat by twenty percentage points in her home state, the former governor of South Carolina is no longer in a position to win the nomination. There is no longer any practical way for her to do so.

On Saturday, the Trump team issued a written statement in which they said, “The primary election is over tonight, and it is time to turn our attention to the general election so that we can defeat Crooked Joe.”

It is a strategy that Trump was looking to implement. In his victory speech on Saturday, as well as in earlier remarks he made at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which was held in a suburb of Washington, he directed his criticism toward President Joe Biden, who is the presumed Democratic nominee.

When Trump spoke at the conservative gathering, he read prepared statements off a teleprompter, most of which were word-for-word. However, he did meander through some of his favorite anecdotes and jibes during a speech that lasted for an hour and a half.

He invited the audience to clap, “By the way, isn’t this better than reading off a frigging teleprompter?” and they applauded in response.
However, during that particular evening in a hotel ballroom in Columbia, South Carolina, he adhered to his notecards and delivered a victory speech that was brief and uncharacteristically disciplined. The speech lasted for thirty minutes.

“We’re going to be up here on Nov. 5, and we’re going to look at Joe Biden … and we’re going to say, ‘Joe, you’re fired,'” Trump made the announcement while reiterating his hallmark farewell on the television reality show “The Apprentice.” “Joe, get out NOW!” You need to resign!
As Trump begins his third attempt to win the presidency, the two speeches that he delivered on Saturday indicated a change in his strategy and provided hints about the approach that he intends to take in the general election against his opponent.

One: It’s his party. All of it.

“I have never seen the Republican Party so unified as it is right now,” Trump proclaimed with a sense of satisfaction on Saturday night.

Trump has been victorious in the four first states of the 2024 campaign, which are Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and now South Carolina. This is despite the fact that he faced a dozen legitimate competitors when the campaign officially began.

Americans won't be terrified into rejecting Trump

According to exit polls conducted in South Carolina, he earned the support of both men and women, as well as people of all ages and income levels. On a national scale, he is able to assert that he has the backing of virtually every elected Republican who has provided an endorsement. Only one member of Congress from any part of the world, Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina, has publicly expressed their support for Haley.

Over the course of modern history, there has never been a disputed nomination fight in either party that has been resolved with such speed.

Having said that, the Republican Party is not exactly just a happy family, at least not yet.

As a matter of fact, four out of ten people who participated in the voting process in South Carolina cast their ballots for his opponent. That is “not some tiny group,” Haley emphasized in her concession statement during the event. If and when Trump is nominated for president, the majority of those supporters are not prepared to immediately align themselves with him. The primary voters, who make up more than a third of the total, expressed that they would be “dissatisfied” with him being at the top of the ticket.
As of now, one in every five Republican voters in the states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have expressed their intention to abstain from voting for Trump in the next election in November, if he is the nominee. This represents a considerable increase in the likelihood of a close election.

Two: Reach beyond the base.

The unwavering support of Republicans is sufficient to secure the nomination, but it is not sufficient to win the presidency.

For this to be possible, it is necessary to garner support from other individuals, including swing voters like suburbanites and possibly even some longtime Democrats. The campaign of Donald Trump even has the goal of gaining some support from black voters, who are the most devoted population in the Democratic base.

One of the reasons he spoke at the Black Conservative Federation banquet that took place in Columbia on Friday night was because of this. Ben Carson, a former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Tim Scott, a senator from South Carolina, are two of the notable Black Republicans who have joined him in his support of him.

However, Haley, Democrats, and other individuals have voiced their disapproval of Trump’s casual remarks, arguing that they represent his indictment on 91 felony charges as one of the reasons why black voters are driven to elect him.
“A lot of people said that’s why the Black people liked me, because they had been hurt so badly and discriminated against,” he added, adding that Black Americans have “embraced” T-shirts that display his mug shot, which was taken in Georgia. The mug shot was taken in Georgia.

Haley referred to the remarks as “offensive,” while Cedric Richmond, who is the co-chair of Biden’s reelection campaign, referred to them as “insulting,” “moronic,” and “just plain racist.”

To this point, it appears that Trump is not making much headway among people of African descent. Last month, a countrywide poll conducted by USA TODAY and Suffolk University revealed that President Trump garnered support from twelve percent of black voters. This is the same proportion of support that he received in the election of 2020.

However, in what some Republicans consider to be an opportunity, Biden’s support was at 63%, which is a significant drop from 87% in 2020. This is due to the fact that one in five black voters shifted their support to third-party candidates.

Three: Portray Biden as the threat.

On the other hand, Biden has portrayed Trump as a potentially dangerous individual: a would-be autocrat who would undermine the NATO alliance, deny women the ability to make fundamental decisions regarding their health, and put democratic institutions in jeopardy.

Davos 2024: Donald Trump's Return Looms Large for a Wary World After Iowa -  Bloomberg
The purpose of this is to ensure that the election in November is not a referendum on the presidency of Joe Biden but rather a decision between him and Donald Trump. A favorite political aphorism of Vice President Joe Biden is “Don’t compare me to the Almighty,” which he has said on multiple occasions. “Compare me to the alternative.”

Furthermore, Trump is making analogies at this very moment.

He assures supporters that during his presidency, the economy was stronger, the southern border was more secure, and there was a decrease in the amount of crime recorded. (There are a few of such allegations that lack credibility. Since Joe Biden became president, the number of people killed in the United States has decreased, and the unemployment rate has reached all-time lows, despite the fact that inflation has increased.

Trump issued a warning to suburban ladies at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that they could be threatened by “gangs” of undocumented immigrants “invading your territory” if Biden were to be reelected.

“A vote for Trump is your ticket back to freedom,” Trump stated, using a low-key tone of voice. “It’s your passport out of tyranny and it’s your only escape from Joe Biden’s fast track to hell.”
After that, he made an attempt to turn Biden’s most dire warning back on him, a sort of taunt that may be described as “I’m not, you are.”

“The fact is Joe Biden is a threat to democracy,” stated President Trump. “He really is a threat to democracy.”

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