10 Winter Blazer Trends for Warmth and Coordination

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Finding the ideal coat is an extremely vital component of our day-to-day style, taking into consideration the fact that the temperature is decreasing as winter Blazer Trends draws near.

Although puffer coats, giant trench coats, and other styles that are currently trending are all cozy and intentional, Blazer are a great and versatile alternative that you should consider wearing if you want to keep the quiet luxury vibes going for another season or if you simply want to look sharp.

Winter Blazer Trends

Despite the fact that Blazer  are commonly considered to be classics of the professional office, there are now so many different colors, shapes, and sizes available for Winter Blazer Trends that there is easily one that is suitable for every occasion.

In order to provide evidence of this, we had a conversation with two fashion experts on the top ten winter Blazer Trends of 2023-24. This will allow you to appreciate the structured and put-together feelings of the garment throughout the entire season.

You should continue reading to learn all of the insights, product recommendations to shop for, and styling advice.

Supersized Blazers

Winter Blazer Trends

The fact that oversized Blazer , also known as boyfriend Blazer , continue to be a hot fashion for the fall and winter of 2023 is going to come as a complete and utter surprise to no one.

“From the original styling perspective of workwear and Winter Blazer Trends being structured, tailored, professional, and unassuming,” says Audree Kate López, a fashion stylist based in New York City.

“They are the perfect contrast from that perspective.” When paired with an oversized Winter Blazer Trends, the overall effect is one of “I just threw this on while walking out my door,” rather than more of a corporate look.

Do you adore the appearance? Think about the Re Ona Joey Oversized Blazer, which costs $345, the H&M Double-Breasted Jacket, which costs $41, or the Na-Kd Maxi Oversized PU Blazer, which costs $75.

Styling Tip: According to López, “Fall and winter fashion can sometimes feel monotonous if you are constantly throwing on a jacket over your outfit.” Therefore, rather than wearing the same puffer coat every day, you should style an oversized blazer over a sweater, leather jacket, or cardigan. Although it is large enough to be used as a jacket, there is enough room underneath for you to wear multiple layers of clothing.

Structured Shoulders

Winter Blazer Trends

On the other hand, López notes that structured shoulders are particularly hip, despite the fact that there are numerous oversized Blazer available nowadays.

She thinks that over the past two years, we have seen very structured, huge, and pointed shoulders appear on the runway. “When oversized Blazer Trends re-entered the scene a few years ago, structured shoulders and shoulder pads were not as easily accepted—perhaps it felt dated, too ’80s, or bulky,” she says.

“But over the past two years, we have seen these shoulder variations appear on the runway.” The oversized Blazer Trends are given more structure as a result, which gives the impression of a smaller waist or an hourglass figure.

Additionally, the subtle embellishments provide a touch of tailored elegance to the overall style. However, this does not mean that structured shoulders are exclusively appropriate for big silhouettes; they also look great in cropped and more fitted blazers.

A desire for a shoulder that is structured? Consider purchasing the Camila Coelho Morena Blazer ($198), the Sanctuary Bridget Blazer ($129), or the Sergio Hudson Cropped Frame Jacket ($1595) in addition to the aforementioned items.

Styling Tip: “To balance the shoulders out, I would pair a structured-shoulder blazer with a straight leg, taper leg, or mini flare leg,” explains Lopez. “Avoid wearing anything too baggy or flowy, like wide-leg pants.”

Belted Blazers

Winter Blazer Trends

You are aware of the proverb that states, “What goes around comes around,” and in the realm of fashion, this means that belted Winter Blazer Trends are making a fashion comeback.

According to López, “as we re-enter the fashion of the 2010s, we have seen the appearance of peplum silhouettes, Blazer , and belted top types.”

If the huge boxy jacket isn’t your style, you might want to consider a Blazer Trends that has a belt, string, tie, or ribbon that is built in.

Because of this, the waistline will be emphasized, and the Winter Blazer Trends will have a more feminine and romantic sense as opposed to a boardroom dress.

If you are considering adding this silhouette to your wardrobe, you should be sure to look at contemporary models that are now available for purchase. Some examples of these styles include the Express Satin Tie Waist Blazer ($120), the L’Agence Wrap Belted Blazer ($695), and the Bardot Belted Blazer ($139).

Styling Tip: It is possible to wear a blazer with a belt with virtually any outfit. “Any denim, dress pants, or a slip skirt or dress can be worn with this silhouette,” López says us. “This silhouette is great.”

Pop of Dopamine

Winter Blazer Trends

The idea that you have to wear clothing that complements the season’s hues is a popular one.

Although it can be seductive to dress in rich fall and winter colors, Lopez reassures us that adding a striking splash of color to your outfit during the cooler months won’t make you less fashionable.

“Adding a pop of color to your outfit can instantly lift your spirits and create the ideal contrast to the somber ensemble of jeans, sweaters, and boots,” the expert advises.

Though vibrant hues aren’t the only method to boost your dopamine levels while rocking a trend-forward Winter Blazer Trends look: Founder of Never Fully Dressed and fashion designer Lucy Aylen thinks that using unusual materials can also improve the overall appearance. Her first choices?

Velvet versions that are instantly party-ready, sequin Blazer that “sparkle like a disco ball,” and alternatives with jacquard that seem unquestionably sophisticated.

The Never Fully Dressed Emerald Velvet Quinn Blazer ($195), the Lovers and Friends x Rachel Hadley Blazer ($238), and the Dolan Left Coast Faux Leather Boyfriend Blazer ($158) are three options for adding a dopamine-boosting blazer to your wardrobe.

Styling Tip: It’s best to let the features that increase dopamine take center stage if you choose to wear this winter blazer style. This means that classic fabrics like silk and denim, as well as neutral or solid colored clothing, go nicely with blazers. Don’t feel stuck, though: Feel free to pair an eye-catching sequin jacket with a bright or textured shirt. Aylen advises not to be afraid to wear it over nothing at all since it will “allow the plunge neckline to shine.” All of this suggests that being true to oneself is the only style guideline you should ever go by.

’80s Blazer

Winter Blazer Trends

Although both structured-shoulder and oversized Winter Blazer Trends are considered part of the ’80s blazer trend, López points out that there is another important variation of the style.

The classic corporate power suit Winter Blazer Trends with three buttons, a shorter lapel, and a softer form is a newer silhouette than the rigid shoulder pad, angular, bright, and embellished ’80s fashion blazer, according to her.

’80s blazers are not new to the scene. “This takes a more subtle approach to the statement, oversized blazer.”

Consider the Remain Suede Oversized Blazer ($760) or the Shona Joy Birilla Oversized Blazer ($360) if you’re a fan of the classic look.

Styling Tip: Are you so in love with blazers that you want to wear them outside of the office? The 1980s blazer is a great choice. According to Lopez, “this blazer looks great with denim, sneakers, and a classic top for a casual look.” “Pearl Diana meets Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in this.”

Leather Blazer

Winter Blazer Trends

Although most Blazer are made of combinations of cotton, linen, and wool, leather blazers are becoming more and more fashionable.

According to Lopez, “the leather blazer is the younger sister of the beloved leather jacket.” “She can be dressed up for work, a date night, and everything in between. She’s more high fashion and less dive bar.”

Furthermore, López notes that leather jackets come in a range of vibrant colors, even if the majority of leather jackets are only offered in black or other dark colors.

“This season, we have also seen different silhouettes from fitted and an oversized ’80s/’90s boxy look to a sleek The Matrix/Y2K feel,” in addition to colorful leather instead of only black.

Desiring a vibrant burst of color? Take a look at the Lala My Muse Is Me Metallic Blazer ($152) and the Milly Alexa Crinkled Faux Leather Blazer ($495). The Autumn Adeigbo Amelie Jacket ($695) or the Eloquii Faux Leather Cinched Waist Double Breasted Blazer ($140) are good options if you like muted colors.

Styling Tip: In order to properly style a leather blazer, López recommends reaching for base layers made of silk, denim, or additional leather. These base layers can take the form of slacks, skirts, shirts, or dresses.

Two-Toned and Mixed Prints

Winter Blazer Trends

You will be pleased to learn that two-toned and mixed-print Blazer are going to be popular throughout the winter of 2023.

This is especially true if you are a maximalist and/or if you wish you could rock numerous styles at the same time. Two-toned and mixed print Winter Blazer Trends are one of the jacket trends that López considers to be among his favorites this year.

With thrift flips, vintage reconstruction, and dopamine dressing, we have witnessed the emergence of two-tone garments over the course of the previous couple of years; however, it has only recently made its way into the public with Blazer that feature a variety of designs, textures, patterns, and colors.

There are a lot of blazers with two different colors, but some of our faves are the Bardot Spliced Check Blazer ($229), the Avec Les Filles Mixed Plaid Menswear Blazer ($148), and the Rails Cody Blazer ($348).

Styling Tip: Two-toned and mixed-print blazers are ideal for making a statement because of their hectic design, according to Lopez. “I love this as a statement piece because it feels fresh [compared to the standard neutral, plaid, or pinstripe blazers we all have acquired over the past few years], and it’s a conversation starter and a great way to mix and match color throughout the outfit,” the woman says. Your two-toned blazer should not fight for attention, so wear it with solid pieces to let it really shine.

Hourglass Structure

Winter Blazer Trends

There’s no denying that waist-accentuating outerwear will be popular this winter as well, since peplum designs are returning.

“Whether you like it or not, I’m here for the sneaky comeback of peplum silhouettes in fashion,” López declares.

“It’s not a throwback club dress from 2010; rather, it’s an elegant hourglass silhouette with structure and waist definition, combined with the carefree vibe of the oversized blazer trend.”

Do you think this is the perfect style of Winter Blazer Trends for you? Check out the L’Academie Matu Blazer Top ($198), the Smythe Hunting Blazer ($895), and the Open Edit Hourglass Blazer ($89).

Styling Tip: Try wearing an hourglass blazer in a variety of ways, depending on what outfits inspire you. “To elongate the silhouette, this blazer pairs great with a full, A-line skirt. Alternatively, you can contrast it with straight-leg denim, ballet flats, or loafers,” suggests Lopez.

Double-Breasted Blazer

Winter Blazer Trends

Although double-breasted Blazer were once only seen on conventional suits, they are now widely worn on the catwalk by some of the most prominent models in the world in 2023. According to López, “double-breasted blazers are only gaining momentum this season.

They have made their mark on runways and in street style over the past couple of years.” A double-breasted jacket gives rigidity to the angular silhouette of the ’80s blazer, statement shoulder, and the cinched-waist/peplum comeback. Menswear has tremendously affected the workwear clothing in fashion.”

Aylen concurs. “Any outfit looks so polished and refined with a double-breasted Blazer , with its soft tailoring look,” the expert explains. “It makes a gorgeous alternative to a wedding guest dress when paired with matching trousers.”

The Bishop + Young Parker Blazer ($158), the Le Superbe David Boa Jacket ($650), and the Good American High Shine Compression Sculpted Blazer ($179) are a few of our favorite double-breasted blazers.

Styling Tip: For maximum versatility, López advises selecting an oversized silhouette if you decide to wear a double-breasted blazer. “You can wear it as a fitted mini dress or buttoned up for a tailored suit look,” the stylist advises. “You can wear it undone for a more oversized, casual look.”

Cropped Blazers

Winter Blazer Trends

Cropped blazers are undoubtedly a big trend for Winter  2023, despite our frustration that every single top appears to be cropped these days (please, a little variation).

According to López, cropped Blazer  are making a comeback and silhouettes are gradually getting more fitting, trimmed, and shorter.

This is a terrific way to participate in the trend on a more manageable level whether you’re little in stature or detest the huge Winter Blazer Trends style.

Are you looking for recommendations that have a charming, short silhouette? Take the Mother The Blaze of Glory Blazer ($425), the Line & Dot Dixie Cropped Blazer ($184), and the LaQuan Smith Double Breasted Cropped Tuxedo Blazer ($1995).

Styling Tip: Whether you want to wear jeans or a matching skirt, Lopez suggests wearing a cropped jacket with high-waisted bottoms to balance out the silhouette. An another choice? She advises, “Layer it over a midi or maxi dress.”


















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