Jimmy Kimmel slams Aaron Rodgers in monologue.

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Jimmy Kimmel criticized Aaron Rodgers in his first program of the year, following the Jets quarterback’s suggestion on “The Pat McAfee Show” last week that Kimmel’s name might appear on documents associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Aaron Rodgers Over Epstein Comments – The Hollywood  Reporter

The remark sparked a tempest of controversy, and the late-night comedian wasted no time mocking Rodgers and demanding an apology in a seven-minute monologue that debuted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday.

“Many people believe it when you hear a Super Bowl champion and the man who did all the State Farm commercials say something like this,” Kimmel said in reference to Rodgers’ Epstein remarks. Many individuals who are truly delusional believe that I meet weekly at Shakeys with Tom Hanks and Oprah to consume pizza and the blood of children.

“This is what I know, as I have heard from these individuals.” My wife frequently receives communication from them. My children are exposed to their words. My unfortunate mailman receives correspondence from these individuals. “And now, tremendously more of them are communicating with us, because Aaron Rodgers.”Rodgers stated that he would address the matter when he returned to McAfee’s show on Tuesday, effectively declining to respond to a question on the subject during his media availability at the close of the year on Monday.”I plan to discuss it on the show tomorrow.” Rodgers announced from a podium at the Jets’ practice facility, “Tune in.”

Jimmy Kimmel threatens to sue Aaron Rodgers over Epstein remark — but their  rift goes back years

Kimmel further implied in his monologue that Rodgers either sincerely held his statement to be true, or “he simply said it out of anger at me for making fun of his top knot and his lies about being vaccinated, and not because he actually believes it.”Further, the late-night host deduced that Rodgers’ most vexatious moment was when he mocked him regarding a conspiracy theory positing that the purpose of UFO news coverage was to divert attention away from the Epstein list, and that Rodgers’ remark was an act of retaliation.

“Aaron Rodgers holds himself in the highest regard.” Kimmel later stated, “He considers himself an extraordinary being on account of his accomplishments on the football field.”

Kimmel maintained his incisive critique by mocking Rodgers’ claim that he was more intelligent than scientists throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and stating, “It was incomprehensible that his intellect was merely average.”

Kimmel further stated, “Aaron received two A’s on his report card, both of which appeared in the word ‘Aaron’.”The late-night host subsequently conceded that Rodgers possesses the right to his views, but he deemed it impermissible for him to fabricate falsehoods, and he rebutted McAfee’s remarks that they were merely intended as jest.

“Spreading the label of pedophilia does not constitute trash talk or an opinion.” “I apologize, Pat McAfee,” continued Kimmel.

Kimmel did state that he would receive Rodgers’ apology should it be extended to him.

“In exceptional circumstances, I may commit an error; however, I do the following: “As you are aware, I make mistakes on an infrequent basis. “I apologize,” stated Kimmel. “An action befitting Aaron Rodgers, and one befitting a decent individual.” However, I’m certain he won’t. Do you know what I will do if he does so? After accepting his contrition, I will proceed with my life. However, he presumably will not do so. He is unlikely to offer an apology, in my opinion.The feud between Rodgers and Kimmel reemerged last week when the quarterback for the Jets made reference to Kimmel’s name being included in the recently disclosed trove of Epstein documents.

Pat McAfee Apologizes for Aaron Rodgers' Jimmy Kimmel Accusation

Rodgers stated, “That is expected to be released shortly,” during his weekly McAfee appearance on January 2. “There are numerous individuals, Jimmy Kimmel included, who fervently hope that information remains undisclosed.


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