Horoscope for January 17, 2024, Wednesday

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Since the moon is in Aries today, we start the day with a sense of strength, passion, and maybe even a little more irritability than normal. Today is a carpe diem kind of day when you’ll be inspired to express your opinions and work toward your objectives.

Even though you might feel pressured to push your pain under the rug when this driven energy is around, it still exists beneath the surface. The moon makes an exact conjunction with Chiron shortly after midnight, prompting contemplation of deep and ancient wounds. This may not happen while you’re awake, but the feeling will linger for most of the day.

The North Node, which is also in close conjunction, points us all in the direction of uncharted territory. The North Node in Aries is transiting, and while we would prefer to stay in the land of harmony and peace, this is like the draft card: we have to face our inner warriors whether we like it or not. The conjunction will be exact at 9:49 AM EST. This morning, prepare for some kind of pivotal moment that will compel you to take a risk and show courage.

Additionally, Venus in Sagittarius forms a trine with the North Node, suggesting that romantic relationships formed during this time may have karmic consequences and a long-term effect. This does not imply that all relationships formed during this transit are suitable for marriage. Actually, a good number of them probably involve difficult and turbulent relationships meant to impart tough life lessons to us. Venus is now at 22°, the pivotal point linked to rebirth, death, and the “do or die” mentality.

A sextile formed by the sun in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces fosters creativity that is based in consistency and reason. Today’s entrepreneurs who are starting new companies or planning ways to leverage their creative skills to earn extra cash are more likely to succeed without succumbing to illusions or exaggerated expectations.

The moon will move from fiery Aries into the softer sign of Taurus at 3:12 PM. You’ll feel less assertive and value simple comforts more. It’s going to be a quiet evening, especially as the moon approaches its conjunction with Jupiter early tomorrow morning.

Read on to learn how today will be for each of the rising signs.


The North Node, Chiron, and the Moon You feel like a walking target when you transit your first house today, and you might have to deal with some minor physical injuries. Speaking your mind could unintentionally offend someone, so exercise caution. However, being there could also help someone else feel better. Your decisions today concerning identity and appearance will probably have a significant impact on your life for some time to come, particularly since Venus is trined to your ninth house. It won’t be quickly forgotten if you take a strong stand during an argument, so you better be prepared to die on that hill. Substance abuse and mental health are brought about by the sextile between Neptune in your twelfth house and the sun in your tenth. concerns into the public domain. If you’ve been having difficulties, now is a good time to come clean because others will benefit from your openness. This afternoon, the moon will enter your second house, giving you the opportunity to make money off of your honesty and emotional openness. It’s time to live a brave and radically genuine life.


The moon, Chiron, and North Node are all in your twelfth house today, so you probably feel like hiding away and isolating yourself. Your eighth-house trine of the North Node to Venus may bring unexpected news about other people’s assets, such as inheritances and student loans. There are those among you who will be informed about a relative’s hospitalization or institutionalization. The community as a whole, especially the people you’ve met through religious or educational institutions, is highlighted by the sun in your ninth house sextile Neptune in your eleventh. You should anticipate seeming more understanding toward others and getting more support and care when the moon enters your first house in the middle of the afternoon. Tonight, rely on your friends.


For better or worse, you’ll feel as though you’re bearing the emotional weight of your entire social network, with the moon, Chiron, and North Node converging in your eleventh house. Venus is trined in your seventh house today, so if you’re feeling overburdened by the pressure to be everyone’s emotional rock, mercurial, you can at least confide in your closest friend or partner. Today marks a significant turning point in your relationship, particularly if you’ve been debating whether to move things along. A large number of you will launch your partners hard today. Your partner’s and your finances will be scrutinized by the public due to the sun in your eighth house making a sextile to Neptune in your tenth, but unless you have been lying, you shouldn’t have to deal with a major scandal. This afternoon, the moon will enter your twelfth house, which will make you feel a little moodier and less gregarious. Setting boundaries is nothing to be afraid of after giving so much of yourself today.


The main focus of the day is your reputation, as the North Node, Chiron, and the moon are guiding you toward your life’s purpose in your tenth house. You will be happy with the result whether or not you do it reluctantly. You are not used to this kind of situation, but you are meant to be an innovator. Venus is trines by the North Node in your sixth house, emphasizing romance and money matters at work. This is the day to tell your coworker that you’re willing to risk everything for them if you’ve been thinking about dating them. Alternatively, you could hard-launch them on social media and invite the doubters to challenge you. The sun is currently forming a sextile to Neptune in your ninth house, adding more heat to your relationship sector. Today, you might discover details about your spouse’s philosophical or religious convictions that strengthen your relationship. Remember that close communication is the foundation of intimacy. Your relationship is more likely to succeed the more honest you are with one another. Later today, the moon enters your eleventh house, which encourages you to spend time with friends.


Now that the moon, Chiron, and North Node are in your ninth house, there is a focus on spiritual and educational matters. Events of today may, if you have been suppressing religious trauma, suddenly and unexpectedly awaken it. This is particularly likely given that Venus is trine to the North Node in your fifth house. A casual remark made by your new partner could be the catalyst if you’ve been dating them. A new creative endeavor may unintentionally transport you back to a less happy period of your life if you’re single. Make the most of your abilities and transform your sadness into something lovely. The urge to create dark, psychologically honest art will be fueled by the sun in your sixth house sextiling Neptune in your eighth.


The eighth house, where all taboos become public, is an uncomfortable area of your chart that is being highlighted by the moon, Chiron, and North Node. You can thank the trine from the North Node to Venus in your fourth house of home, family, and origins if your thoughts have been consumed by your own mortality or the death of a loved one. Some of you will be getting ready to bid a senior family member farewell and accepting that their death is inevitable. If this isn’t the case for you, you probably have to deal with student loans and quickly increasing debts, which are substantial amounts of money you probably would prefer to keep private. Take some time to consider what you need to let go of in order to find mental clarity. Perhaps unexpectedly, romance and creative collaboration may enter your life as a result of the sextile between the sun in your fifth house and Neptune in your seventh. Keep an open mind to all of the options. The moon will enter your ninth house in the middle of the afternoon, igniting your desire for thought-provoking, energizing conversation.


With the moon, Chiron, and North Node all focusing on your closest relationships, your seventh house is currently crowded. Individuals in relationships are probably going to encounter difficulties and roadblocks today, possibly including an eye-opening conversation from a loved one that could make or break the partnership. Your religious and ideological views might not exactly line up, and since Venus is trined to the North Node in your third house, you won’t be silent about how this will affect the future of your relationship Yes, there will be breakups today, but there’s also a chance for seemingly random encounters for those of you who are single. After a protracted struggle to achieve harmony, the sun in your fourth house forms a sextile to Neptune in your sixth house, which could indicate a resolution regarding your work-life balance. You’ll likely feel emotionally spent by the time the moon enters your eighth house in the middle of the afternoon. Give yourself time to relax.


You have a workaholic attitude today because the moon, Chiron, and North Node are all in your sixth house. If you stay focused and don’t get sidetracked, you can accomplish everything on your to-do list. A sudden financial windfall—a foreign investor, a scholarship, or a significant sale from your Depop shop—could arrive with the North Node trining Venus in your second house. Any connections you have with people from other countries, religions, or higher education should be monitored as they are probably feeling giving today. In the meantime, Neptune in your fifth house forms a sextile with the sun in your third house. Be wary of anyone who seems too good to be true on Tinder because they probably aren’t who you think they are. However, you have a keen sense of intuition today, so you won’t be influenced by anything that looks appealing in terms of romance. Don’t veer off course and maintain high standards for yourself. Later today, the moon will enter your seventh house, which will intensify the focus on these issues.

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