Biden comes to South Carolina to woo Black voters in 2024.

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Columbia, South Carolina (Associated Press) In the Democratic primary that will take place in South Carolina the following week, Joe Biden does not need to be concerned about his results. That does not escape his notice. In addition, he is aware that it is quite unlikely that he will win the deeply conservative state in November. Since the year 1976, it has not cast a vote for a Democrat.

He is spending this weekend in the state nonetheless, with the intention of hammering home two messages: he is committed to the state that saved his campaign in 2020, and he is determined to win back black people here and elsewhere who were essential to his election the last time around but are less enthusiastic this time around.

Biden returns to South Carolina hoping to win back Black voters in 2024.

Biden comes to South Carolina to woo Black voters in 2024.
Biden comes to South Carolina to woo Black voters in 2024.

In preparation for the state party’s first-ever “first-in-the-nation” Democratic primary, which will take place on February 3, Biden will be the keynote speaker at the fundraiser event that will be held on Saturday night. It is in a state where politics and faith are entwined that he will remain in the area in order to attend a political event that will take place on Sunday at St. John Baptist Church.

While speaking about the primary, Quentin Fulks, the deputy campaign manager, stated that Biden’s team was working to “blow this out of the water” by racking up the score against competitors who were considered to be longshots. Additionally, the Biden campaign is interested in gaining knowledge on how to mobilize African-American voters, who are the foundation of the party, in preparation for a rematch with Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Some black voters in the state who voted for him in 2020 have expressed dissatisfaction with the president, citing his failure to deliver on voting rights legislation and other concerns as contributing factors. These people have been providing the president with mixed ratings.


Conflicting opinions among the same South Carolina Democratic voters whose support had been so vital to his nomination presented an early warning sign of the obstacles that Biden confronts as he attempts to rekindle his varied winning coalition in 2020. This occurred at the beginning of Biden’s reelection campaign in the previous year.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs in December, only fifty percent of people of African descent expressed approval of Biden. This represents a significant change from the 86% it was in July 2021, which is causing some people to be concerned about the president’s chances of being reelected.

In addition, the results of a thorough national survey of the electorate conducted by APVoteCast revealed that the level of support for Republican candidates among black voters increased marginally during the midterm elections of 2022, despite the fact that black people predominantly favored Democratic candidates.

In South Carolina, the Biden campaign is releasing television advertisements that highlight various policies that the campaign hopes will increase the level of enthusiasm among African-American voters.


The commercial declares that “President Biden got to work—for us” on his first day in office, despite the fact that the country was in a situation of crisis. “He reduced the cost of prescription drugs, he increased the amount of money available to black business owners, he created millions of new jobs that pay well, and he cut the poverty rate among black children in half.”

According to the tracking data, the campaign is spending more than $270,000 on advertisements that are being distributed through the primary. The Democratic National Committee also started a six-figure advertising campaign in South Carolina and Nevada, the following state on the Democratic primary calendar, in an effort to increase the level of support for Biden among voters of African-American and Latino descent. In addition, Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, spoke with voters in the state on Friday evening.

In addition, the Biden team has recruited workers in South Carolina in order to organize ahead of the primary election and during the general election. This is despite the fact that South Carolina has consistently chosen a Republican for president for the past half a century.

During this time, a superPAC that supports Vice President Joe Biden, known as Unite the Country, is broadcasting an advertisement in which Democratic Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina lists what he considers to be important successes of Biden, including the reduction of student loan debt and the diminution of insulin expenses for senior citizens.


As a result of Clyburn’s endorsement of his old friend Biden in the 2020 election, the latter candidate was able to achieve a resounding victory in South Carolina’s presidential primary.

In the new advertisement, Clyburn makes a reference to his late wife, Emily, who was a motivation for him to back Biden for the 2020 election. In the advertisement, Clyburn is quoted as saying that she stated, “If we wanted to win the presidency, we better nominate Joe Biden.” “At that time, she was correct, and she continues to be correct today.”

While there has been a minor increase in the level of support for Trump among voters of African American and Latino descent, the team working for Biden is more concerned that a lack of passion for Biden will lead to a decrease in voting turnout among people who are essential to the Democratic coalition.

The team working for Vice President Joe Biden is using South Carolina as a testing ground to determine which ideas and platforms resonate particularly well with voters.

As a result of the Democratic Party’s decision to modify its nominating calendar in response to Biden’s request, the first significant contest in the Democratic presidential race is now taking place in South Carolina, a state in which the majority of the Democratic electorate is comprised of African-American voters. Starting out with Iowa and New Hampshire, which have been the subject of criticism for a long time due to the fact that they are less diverse than the rest of the country,.


It was also a political retribution to the state of South Carolina and Clyburn for their involvement in getting Biden to the White House, and moving up the South Carolina vote was a part of that retaliation.

In addition to serving as a co-chairman of Vice President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, Clyburn has been one of the most steadfast champions for the president in Congress and in the home state that he represents. Quite frequently, he brings to people’s attention the same message that he sent in his endorsement for the 2020 election: “We know Joe, and Joe knows us.”

According to Michael Tyler, the communications director for the Biden campaign, the choice of Vice President Joe Biden to campaign in South Carolina “helps solidify South Carolina’s place as the first in the nation’s presidential primary moving forward.”

Additionally, it affords Biden the chance to re-engage with African-American voters who have relationships that stretch far beyond the state of South Carolina.

According to Tyler, “It is clear that the diaspora is robust, and familial ties are robust with other key swing states in the region, such as Georgia and North Carolina.”

The vice president is here in South Carolina for the second time this month. He gave a speech at the beginning of the month from the pulpit of Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, the site of the 2015 murders of nine African-American parishioners by a white stranger whom they had invited to take part in their Bible study. This philosophy has no place in the United States of America, “not today, tomorrow, or ever,” according to Vice President Joe Biden, who condemned the “poison” of white supremacy in the United States during his speech.

In contrast to Trump, whom Biden accused of “glorifying” political violence rather than condemning it, this was intended to be a stark contrast with Trump.


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