A recent study demonstrates that the Atlantic diet, a version of the Mediterranean diet, has significant advantages.

The Atlantic diet, which is considered to be the less well-known cousin of the Mediterranean diet, is rapidly gaining popularity as a result of a study that proved the benefits of the Atlantic diet for lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome. The most recent study, which was published in the journal JAMA Network Open, discovered that individuals who adhered to the diet had a lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome. …

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Brain Teaser: How Can Brain Teasers Help Students in the Classroom?

Brain teasers are generally puzzles or activities that demand you to think outside the box in order to find the solution. It is presented in early life, and most youngsters enjoy solving them. Teachers frequently hold brain teaser activities at school to increase children’s intelligence while also delivering an entertaining experience. There are numerous types of brain teasers. There are puzzles, riddles, anagrams, and illusions, among other things.  What Advantages Do Brain Teasers Have? Enhances Cognitive Skills The ability of students in problem-solving, memory, and learning is improved substantially by solving brain teasers regularly. The common perception is that reading is sufficient activity to give their mind a good workout, but it is not enough. It would help if you challenged their intellect, and doing brain teasers constantly would be very helpful. Builds Trouble-shooting Skills Working on brain teasers on a regular basis can assist children develop problem solving skills as well as improve their memory and learning ability. Unlike reading and writing, puzzles require children to actively use their cognitive abilities to solve problems in novel ways, which improves their problem-solving skills. Enhances Spatial …

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Can small deeds provide great joy? Researchers discover that “micro-acts” can improve wellbeing.

Researchers discover.

Eight in the morning, and your inbox is becoming full. An email regarding a coworker’s promotion catches your eye. Do you just scroll by or pause to offer appreciation? Then then, you may be in queue at the coffee shop and easily ignore everyone. However, you choose to pay the guy behind you today. What possible positive effects may a tiny gesture like this have on your mood now, tonight, …

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