Adobe makes a fashion statement with a digital dress

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Adobe Unveils Project Primrose: A Pattern-Changing Dress

At the 2023 Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, which is known for showcasing creative software, Adobe shocked the audience by giving them a sneak peek at their unusual project, called “Project Primrose.” The innovative project revolves around a dress that has the ability to instantly change its patterns and forms. The Project Primrose dress deviates from the norm by using a flexible textile display instead of traditional fabric. Previously seen on smaller products like a purse and canvas, Adobe has now elevated this “smart display fabric” to a full-fledged dress.

The dress has the ability to change from matte white to a reflective surface. Different elements have the ability to change color, creating patterns that are dynamic and unique. This invention uses “Reflective Light-Diffuser Modules” to bring “Non-Emissive Flexible Display Systems” to life. The dress is embellished with tiny, scale-like displays that can change and create different patterns on the garment; you can wear patterns and images just like on a screen. The entire dress’s surface features content created with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Firefly, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Stock. Designers can incorporate this technology into apparel, furnishings, and a variety of surfaces, opening up a world of fashion options, such as the capacity to download and wear the newest creations from their most popular designers.

Adobe unveils futuristic 'digital dress' that changes patterns on the go |  The Independent

The official website of Adobe claims that new developments in smart materials have completely changed displays, going beyond flat surfaces and blending in with regular objects. Project Primrose is a proof of concept that shows an inventive way to preview and prototype designs and patterns in real-time, even though it hasn’t reached the market as a finished product.


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