Will Smith discusses Steven Spielberg’s helicopter surprise for ‘Men in Black.’

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Will Smith has lately discussed how Steven Spielberg convinced him to participate in the role of Agent J in the film Men in Black.
Will Smith, a veteran of the film industry, made an appearance on the Hart to Heart show hosted by his good buddy Kevin Hart, where he discussed his most notable film roles.

Smith gave tribute to producer James Lassiter and called him a “arbiter of taste” since Lassiter persuaded Smith to work on ten movies that were extremely successful during his prime.
He disclosed that James Lassiter was the one who persuaded him to participate in the production of Pursuit of Happiness and Ali, despite his intentions of not acting in either of those films.

Will Smith

According to an article published in Entertainment Weekly, he received nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor for both the film Pursuit of Happiness and the film Ali.
He also related a fascinating anecdote about how he was cast in Men in Black despite his initial reluctance to do so and how the story came about.

Will Smith
In response to Hart’s inquiry concerning the actor’s reason for changing his mind, I will say that. Will Smith has been quoted as saying, “Steven Spielberg had a helicopter sent for me.”

When he asked why Smith didn’t want to be in Spielberg’s movie, he said that Spielberg gave him the cold shoulder and said the rudest thing to him.

According to Smith, while creating The Pursuit of Happiness, he came to the realization that the reason he works is not for the money but rather to learn, grow, meet new people, and develop as a person.
Before the SAG-AFTRA strike, Academy Award–winning actor Will Smith was engaged in the production of a number of films, including Bad Boys 4 and an updated version of the film Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

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