Why are these voters contemplating third-party possibilities for the 2024 presidential race?

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In this election year, when surveys show that voters do not favor of either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump, third party and independent possibilities are catching the attention of certain people.

According to Geoffrey Skelley, a senior elections analyst at 538, “I do think that these conditions with two candidates who are not well-liked running — that you do have a greater opportunity for there to be a higher third-party vote share this time around,” it is possible that there will be a higher percentage of votes cast by third parties.
There have been certain elections in the past in which third parties have played a large role. One example of this is in 2016, when the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton lost critical swing states by a smaller margin than the votes that third-party candidates netted. Another example is in 1992, when independent Ross Perot was the candidate.

Some contenders, such as Cornel West, are running to the left of Vice President Joe Biden this year, alleging that Vice President Biden is not as progressive as the average Democratic voter.
On the other hand, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a former Democrat who is now running as an independent, is running on an anti-establishment platform that is more difficult to pin down on the ideological spectrum. This platform includes a vehement push to address climate change, but it also promotes conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and skepticism of vaccines, concepts that could resonate with hard-liners on the far right and far left.

According to Oliver Shampine, who made reference to Biden’s handling of Israel’s battle against Hamas in Gaza and pointed out that the West speaks more about the need for peace and treatment of Palestinians, “I feel that the Democratic Party’s really moved away from representing any values that I have,” said Shampine.
“Both candidates have had their chance, they’ve had their four years in the White House, and I haven’t seen a difference that I would like to see,” said Maddie Garvia as well. “I’m very, I’m very sure that Kennedy will provide great results for every American.”

An additional factor that is looming over the election is the organization known as No Labels, which is an outside group that is contemplating running a “unity ticket” consisting of a Republican and a Democrat. However, it is still unknown exactly who they would like to run for president with them working together. For the purpose of making their choice, they have set the deadline for Friday.
With early polling and interviews suggesting that frustration could rise to a boil among some segments of the population, the group is betting on a wide enough frustration with an anticipated rematch between vice president Joe Biden and president Donald Trump to clear a space for it to establish its own ticket.

“I want to see us have somebody that is willing to work with the other side, gain respect, show respect, collaborate, solve, bring us together — not be throwing mud pies at each other,” according to Louise Short. “Biden and Trump are throwing salvos they’re not saying what they stand for.”

Experts believe that it is exceedingly improbable that any third-party candidate will emerge victorious in this year’s presidential election. This is due to the fact that the majority of voters normally choose either Democrats or Republicans, as well as the logistical problems that include name recognition and providing access to the ballot.

However, if a candidate manages to garner a sufficient number of votes in important states from either Biden or Trump, that candidate has the potential to serve as a deciding factor for the entire nation.

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