Zach Eflin has dubbed the next matchup between the Rays and Phillies "destiny."

Eflin's baseball buddy Aaron Nola will start Tuesday.After Shane McClanahan's.  

Initial back discomfort on June 22, the Rays informed their pitchers of the updated.  

Rotation plans, and Zach Eflin started doing the math.

Eflin would pitch Tuesday's opener of the Rays' sole series against his former. 

Phillies squad with McClanahan's next start delayed. He would also face Aaron Nola, a pal since.

Their 2015 Double-A days and a wedding guest. Eflin said, "No sense." 

“It’s just destiny, right? I was like, I’ve got the July 4th game against ‘Nols.’ Almost like fate.“I’m thrilled. I love that organization's people.  

Facing them will be fascinating. I'm in the midst of anxiety and excitement."

"Rookie of the Year" is the consensus on NBA Twitter.