Your "Idol" might be predicted based on your zodiac sign.

Andrew Finkelstein is a fiery Aries with a red sports car, a fast tongue, a sharp haircut, and no f–ks.


Izaak's voice sounds like sex sweat on silk since Taurus rules the throat. Izaak, played by Moses Sumney, says that rat rail Svengali Tedros challenged him.


Xander, played by real-life Gemini Troye Sivan, is a foolhardy Gemini who signs away his potential. Xander, a former child star, talks big but acts tiny.


Cancer symbolizes motherhood, and Jocelyn's co-manager Destiny, played by Da’Vine Joy Randolph, becomes her surrogate.


Dyanne, played by Jennie Kim, is the spotlight-seeking, "love me the most," applause-hungry heart of a low-vibe Leo.


Leia, played by Virgo Rachel Sennott, is Jocelyn's curtain-opening, crisis-managing, mutable voice of reason.


Libras are skilled at balancing circumstances, especially when they require rebranding painful facts.


Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death, and other people's money, and Hank Azaria's Chaim manages Jocelyn's cash, receives death threats, keeps a revolver in the glovebox, and hires a lackey to lock a nipple-averse intimacy coach in a bathroom.


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