Yellowstone Season 5 A Big Change Is A Relief After Kevin Costner's Exit  

Kevin Costner's departure from Yellowstone is disappointing, but updates suggest the final episodes could still be impactful. 

Despite Costner's absence, Yellowstone's last season may still deliver a satisfying conclusion. 

Reports of behind-the-scenes drama between Costner and Sheridan fueled speculation about his exit. 

Costner's return to give his character closure seems unlikely, leaving the cast and crew to adapt. 

Initially planned for six episodes, the final season will now consist of at least 10 episodes. 

Josh Lucas hinted at the possibility of even more episodes in the last season. 

The increased episode count is seen as crucial for wrapping up the storyline effectively. 

Writers faced the challenge of crafting a satisfying ending amidst Costner's departure. 

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