‘Yellowstone’ Actor Says Flight Was Cancelled Given Mask Drama

Over the weekend, Yellowstone actor Forrie J. Smith posted on Instagram

that he was ejected from a flight after refusing to sit next to a mask-wearing passenger because he “didn’t feel comfortable” with the seating arrangement.

Smith, a strong opponent of vaccines and masking, claimed in a Saturday post that he was trapped in Houston after the conflict.

He did not name the flight or airline, but stated the airline defended its decision by calling him “drunk”—a allegation he denied.

“Yeah. I drank,” Smith said. He plainly stated, “I've been sitting in the airport for three hours, yeah, I've been drinking, but I ain't drunk.”

He blamed the public, saying, “Because you people won’t stand up and tell everybody what bullshit this is

 I told them I didn't feel comfortable sitting next to a mask-wearer and I'm off a plane."

The video captioned You need to hear this story ends mid-sentence.Smith representatives did not respond to The Daily Beast's request for comment.

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