Wolverine gets his yellow outfit in Deadpool 3.

Hugh Jackman is finally, finally donning Wolverine's comic book outfit in Deadpool 3.

Two decades and nine films after Cyclops made fun of Wolverine's outfit in the X-Men, asking.

Him whether he'd rather wear "yellow spandex" than the movie's iconic black leather flight suits.

On Monday morning, Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of Hugh Jackman next to Deadpool in full comic book garb but without a mask.

The image doesn't show much else, but are you being sincere? I've said enough.

Like many other admirers, I also believed that this day would never arrive.

Hugh Jackman has portrayed the part of Logan/Wolverine for the longest time and during multiple different superhero film eras, beginning in 2000.

With the slightly self-conscious sci-fi of X-Men and seemingly ending with 2017's intelligently violent and elegiac Logan.

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