Will William discover Jamie's truth?

The truth about William Ransom's parentage, specifically that Jamie Fraser is his biological father, will be unveiled during Season 7 of Outlander. 

In the seventh novel titled "An Echo in the Bone," William gradually pieces together the truth after witnessing Jamie and Lord John Grey together 

with Jamie eventually confirming his suspicions. 

Initially harboring anger, William directs his blame towards Lord John for concealing the truth and realizes that he is not the legitimate heir to the Earl of Ellesmere title. 

The most recent Outlander novel, "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone," depicts William still grappling with the revelation of his true parentage. 

During Season 4 of the TV series, William, portrayed by Charles Vandervaart, overhears Jamie claiming to be his father but dismisses it as a falsehood. 

Sam Heughan, the actor portraying Jamie, eagerly anticipates exploring the evolving relationship between Jamie and William on the show. 

Charles Vandervaart expresses his excitement about joining the Outlander cast and appreciates the warm reception he has received from fans.