Who's Christopher Nolan's Wife? All About Film Producer Emma Thomas

The eight-time Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan and his three-time Oscar-nominated producer wife Emma Thomas are married, parents, and filmmakers.

In 1989, Nolan met Thomas in the same UCL resident hall where he studied English literature and she studied ancient history. 

Thomas produced every Nolan film from Following in 1998 to Oppenheimer in 2023 after the couple married in 1997.

Their children are Flora, Oliver, Rory, and Magnus. While promoting Dunkirk in 2018, Thomas told Vanity Fair how the Hollywood power couple balances work and family.

“People sometimes ask, ‘Gosh, how do you do it? “You have four kids and make big movies,” she remarked. “I can bring my kids to work because I work with their father. I have huge advantages.”

Thomas is one of Hollywood's most productive producers, with her and Nolan's projects earning over $6 billion, per Variety.

"I work with Chris, so I fit what I do around what he needs, if that makes sense," she told the paper. "The common thread between what I understand my friends who are producers do and what I do is that we are with a project from beginning to end."

Who's Christopher Nolan's wife? Emma Thomas' relationship with the filmmaker is explained here. Nolan and Thomas met in 1989 when they moved into UCL's residence hall. They later led the university's film society.

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