When It's Too Late in the Day for Coffee, It's London Fog O'Clock

Just as I wore peel-off nail polish before I was old enough to attend to a hairdresser and used an Easy-Bake   

I spent many of my pre-college years proudly buying flavored, sugary drinks at Starbucks instead of coffee.   

But things (and my needs) were simpler back then, and it wasn't about the caffeine fix; I simply enjoyed the sense of carrying a Starbucks  

Cup while browsing the sale rack at my local J.Crew and bookshop, especially during the colder months, which meant festive holiday branding.   

While I frequently ordered hot chocolate with a dusting of cinnamon or simply steamed hot milk with a pump of vanilla and gingerbread syrup  

London Fog was my personal favorite and (I'm not sorry to confess) the only drink of these three that I still get on occasion now.    

Some baristas refer to the London fog as a tea latte, but whatever the name, it's a study in delicious simplicity.   

While not caffeine-free, the black tea base provides a softer alternative to many espresso and cold brew drinks. The exact origins of the drink are debated.  

According to some sources, the first London Fog was created in the early 1990s at the now-defunct Buckwheat Café in Vancouver  

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