What's next? Cowboys DBs set up well for the future.  

 The purpose of this journey is not just to evaluate the current state of affairs, but also to go into the history of each unit and to speculate on where they are likely headed as we move forward into the 2024 season and beyond. 

 The secondary comes in last, yet its importance cannot be overstated. 

 From Trevon Diggs to DaRon Bland, from Malik Hooker to Donovan Wilson, from Juanyeh Thomas to Markquese Bell, and so on and so forth, there is no shortage of topics to debate in this context.  

 Among these topics is the impending free agency of players such as Stephon Gilmore and Jayron Kearse. 

 And this comes during an offseason that has already witnessed the departure of both Joe Whitt Jr 

 This year's 'What's Next?' series should end on a positive note, so let's get down to business and tackle it. 

 Past: at contrast to their past at certain other positions, such as defensive line and running back, the Cowboys have not had a great deal of consistent success with their defensive back team. 

 This is one of the positions at which they have struggled. 

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