What to Eat and Drink in Coachella 2024  

April has arrived, and Coachella season has officially begun.   

The annual Southern Californian celebration, now in its 23rd year, has grown into a global springtime ritual — and a dominant presence on our Instagram feeds for two weekends in a row.   

While Coachella is best known as the ultimate musical festival, it is also one of the year's greatest food events.  

The 2024 lineup emphasizes that idea strongly. It features several well-known names from Los Angeles' and other cities' bar and restaurant scenes.   

We got an inside glimpse at the tastemakers who will be in the desert beginning April 12th, and we have to confess  

Definitely more enthusiastic about the chefs in the kitchen than the singers on stage (no disrespect to No Doubt). Here are some of the highlights.   

Since 2018, Indio Central Market, Coachella's dedicated food hall, has consistently served up delicious food and beverages.   

This year's design returns, with 15 fan favorites displayed under one huge, shaded tent.   

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