What the Tarot Card Reader Sees in Your Future

You're adored because you don't sweat the small stuff. You let the negative stuff go. That laid-back demeanor attracts folks who have trouble letting go.


Because of your great partnership, people like you. You prefer a 50-50 connection. Anyone who dates you will be loved and supported.


You're popular because you're sociable. You talk to everyone, unlike shyer zodiac signs. Your extroverted personality draws others like moths to a flame.


You're loved because you're accepting. You won't reject folks for uncontrollable circumstances. You always provide second opportunities. Your protection reassures them.


You're admired for your toughness. You detest change, yet you're wonderful at reassuring others.


You're loved because you're always prepared. You're smart and efficient. You attract those who like smart, decisive companions.


You're loved because you're constantly there. You’re a long-term partner. You hate flings. You wish to spend your life with loved ones.


You're loved for your passionate loyalty. You'll battle for your friends and lovers. Claws out!


"It's not an unsolvable case" - has the Zodiac killer been apprehended?