one of the most devoted fan groups in any genre of music.

But even though Kenny Chesney presents himself as a laid-back guy who hangs out in a hammock and wears a hat to protect his eyes, he is nonetheless remarkably unflappable.

His 20th studio album, "Born," which is chock-full of hit songs, will be released on March 22.

A few days later, Chesney celebrates his 56th birthday. Despite having the option to take the day off because he is the boss and all, the chronic workaholic decides to spend it in tour rehearsals.

The Sun Goes Down tour this year will begin in Tampa, Florida on April 20 and continue across stadiums until August 25,

when a three-night engagement at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts is scheduled. 

No, it doesn't, Kenny Chesney said. But perhaps in certain aspects (laughs). I consider my genuine love of creation to be one of my greatest blessings.

 I produced my first two albums with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and Barry Beckett, and I've been working with Buddy Cannon ever since. 

I believe that's the reason I wake up every day feeling like I have a purpose.

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