What happens to your body when you drink a smoothie every day?  

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So why not? Smoothies are convenient and refreshing, and they may be enjoyed at any time of day.   

And the best part is that you can fill them with so many fruits and veggies, making them extremely nutritious.  

However, is it safe to drink one every day? Dietitians discuss the benefits and drawbacks of smoothies, provide advice on how to keep them nutritious, and answer whether the smoothie-a-day habit is acceptable.  

You can prepare thousands of different smoothies because to the variety of ingredients that may be added to them.  

However, most smoothies fall into one of these three categories:       

These smoothies contain at least one leafy green—such as spinach, kale, or arugula—along with other nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables to offset the bitter flavour of the greens.   

Cucumbers, avocado, celery, and green apples are common green fruits and vegetables you find in the mix.  

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