Vanessa Williams' First Self-Label Album in 15 Years

Vanessa Williams returns to music with her new single, “Legs (Keep Dancing)” off her first album in 15 years.

Mellian Music, her own record company, will release the album in collaboration with Mod Squad, LLC, GoDigiPath, LLC, and ADA Worldwide.

There's a certain comfort in making new works in the studio while reflecting on how many years in this field have resulted in accomplishments, enthusiasm, and enduring memories. 

Moving forward is what motivates me. Each task is exciting. And more fresh songs to share with my followers is the gasoline that drives my passion.

"A true multi-hyphenate and savvy businesswoman, there's not much Vanessa can't do," says Cat Kreidich, President of ADA Worldwide.

He added that the album "will touch on all of Vanessa's experiences in the pop, R&B, latin, jazz, and dance genres."

The song "Legs (Keep Dancing)" will be released on April 26. The whole album will be out later this year

"If past is prologue, we're about to give 'em hell again!" Jones and Williams have worked together since her debut album, The Right Stuff, in 1988.

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