Unique and Legendary Diablo 4 Players Dissatisfied

Diablo 4's itemization is the main cause of annoyance, as players discuss the biggest problems with Unique and Legendary items.

Players are still displeased with Diablo 4's itemization system a month after the game's release. 

Many players have become homesick for Diablo 3 and its Greater Rifts because to the lack of viable sets, interesting loot, a satisfying endgame, and quality-of-life elements.

The gameplay of Diablo 3 was primarily focused on testing players via increasingly harder Greater Rift levels, in contrast to Diablo 4.

Which appears to place more of an emphasis on assembling a character's equipment.

Reaper of Souls made getting an item set a trivial issue, but the core of Diablo 3's endgame was learning how to maximize it and push oneself over their breaking point.

Although shifting the emphasis of the grind away from content and toward loot isn't inherently a negative thing.

The main issue that Diablo 4 players have with the game's endgame is that the stuff they're expected to hunt is either uninteresting from a design perspective, or almost mathematically unattainable.

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