Trump transforms his legal problems into a political fundraising machine.

Former President Donald Trump has long utilized judicial proceedings against him to raise money for his campaign.  

That appears to be the most effective instrument he currently has.  

However, for his fundraising reasons, the trial may be beneficial.   

Trump's biggest fundraising days this year have been fueled by his legal troubles, which his joint fundraising committee has attempted to capitalize on.  

His appeals to supporters frequently include his legal issues and claimed persecution  

According to a POLITICO investigation, roughly one-third of the more than 150 fundraising emails sent by his linked groups in the last month used the word "witch hunt."  

The messaging tends to be particularly successful when the ex-president confronts new legal threats  

"Trump is going to benefit from wall-to-wall coverage on all the cable networks and live tweets from the courtroom about what's going on during the trial."

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