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Oh the humanity! Last night, the Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Utah Jazz, 114-104. The true news, though, was Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards' tremendous performance.  

The two-time NBA All-Star extended his scorched earth campaign with 32 points, seven rebounds, eight assists,   

two blocks, and one outrageous slam over John Collins. Check out the movie below (don't show it to anyone under the age of 18).  

After less than four seasons, Edwards is carving out his own path in the NBA. The 22-year-old has transcended Minnesota's limited market with his outstanding skill and charismatic attitude.  

Edwards' tour de force began earlier this season, when he appeared in a series of daring advertisements for his first signature shoe   

with adidas. Below is a detailed look at Edwards' adidas AE 1 from last night, as well as everything we know about the upcoming release.  

Last night's game, Edwards wore the adidas AE 1 in the 'Georgia Red Clay' colorway. On Thursday, April 4, athletes and fans may purchase the shoes in adult sizes for $120 on the adidas website.  

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