Toy Poodle Characteristics

Along with standard and miniature poodles, toy poodles are renowned for their shown excellence in shows. Their thick, curly coat, coupled with a cocky stride, always seems to steal the stage. 

A excellent breed for both single owners and families, the breed is also intelligent, athletic, and loyal.Family pets, toy poodles are charming creatures who enjoy being the focus of attention.

They are highly clever and respond well to obedience training, but because of their companionable temperament, they sometimes have separation anxiety. 

Due to their small stature, they get along well with kids and other animals and are suitable for living in compact places.

Over 400 years ago, the poodle was developed in Germany as a duck hunting dog, where its thick, curly coat was useful for keeping out the cold. 

They made the ideal retrievers thanks to their athletic prowess and willingness to please.Poodles' past days of retrieving are largely responsible for their excessive show cut that is now widely known.

In order to give the dogs freedom of movement and proper weather protection, hunters would trim their coats. 

The legs, neck, and tail of the poodle would therefore be shaved by hunters. They would still have spherical tufts of curly hair covering their chest, hips, and leg joints.

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