Tom Holland: "I felt like I was a slave to alcohol."

The best-known Spider-Man actor from the United Kingdom, Tom Holland, has spoken candidly about his struggles with sobriety.

The actor, 27, revealed that giving up booze was "the best thing I've ever done" on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty

podcast after being "scared" by how dependent he had become. After a "very, very boozy" holiday season in 2022,

Holland discovered that despite vowing to keep January sober, "all I could think about was having a drink... It truly frightened me.

Holland made the decision to prolong his period of abstinence, but he struggled to do so in England because, in his opinion, socializing and alcohol were heavily entwined there.

Holland admitted, "I felt as though I couldn't be social. "I thought I wouldn't be able to get a lime soda at the bar. I was unable to eat dinner out. I was having a terrible time.

He continued that he had found it necessary to keep his distance from his rugby-related friends in especially since "so much of it is about how much can you drink."

"I simply sort of thought to myself, 'Why? Why am I forced to drink this thing? Why is the thought of drinking this thing driving me so crazy?

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