To Which Outlander Location Do Roger and Brianna Relocate?

In Outlander Season 5's penultimate episode, Brianna and Roger take their child through the stones and depart from the 18th century. 

This shocked TV and book series fans alike. The event in question occurs in A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

The sixth novel in the Outlander series, not The Fiery Cross, which Season 5 is based on.In the Season 5 conclusion.

Outlander revealed that Brianna, Roger, and Jemmy had not travelled across time as previously implied. They stayed in 18th-century.  

Colonial America. In Episode 11, Roger and Bree see Ian, who is as puzzled as the Mackenzies. They return to Fraser Ridge. 

What happened? Roger and Bree say they thought of Fraser's Ridge when they touched the stone and thought of "home," not the 20th century. 

This made the stone spit them out immediately.While I understand the temptation to surprise book readers, this plot twist felt like a gimmick more than an earned narrative movement—a decision to get people talking.  

Rather than a choice that serves the characters or the story, especially since the suggestion that the stones take into account your own wishes calls into question why Claire was pulled through the stones in the first place.