This year's Oscar winner is...Ozempic!  

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NEW YORK, March 8 (Reuters Breakingviews)This year's Oscar debates will focus not just on who created the garment, but also on who created the body that wears it.  

In certain circumstances, the solution is a weight-loss medication such as Novo Nordisk's NOVOb.  

Blockbuster therapies are a cultural phenomena that is also becoming financially significant.  

Glamorous consumers have always been part of the classic luxury goods business model.   

Stars are given extravagant goods to wear, which generates exposure.  

When Michelle Yeoh walks the red carpet in a Dior gown or Anne Hathaway uses a Birkin bag, premium brands like LVMH LVMH.PA and Hermes International HRMS.PA  

For their investors, this helps to maintain better pricing power, profitability, and values.  

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