The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes starts its section on locating spirituous ingredients with the advice, "When in doubt, add a splash."  

"They always have dessert if they're just having dinner at home on a weeknight, and they usually work from a lot of really basic recipes."   

Even simple French cakes can seem more sophisticated due to the various ways alcohol is used to improve flavor and texture  

even though a typical weekday cake recipe just needs 10 minutes to go from the bowl to the oven.  

Even while they're not particularly attempting to create a boozy cake in the sense that we think of a Southern bourbon cake or a Caribbean rum cake,  

according to Crapanzano. "Exactly what they're actually attempting to accomplish is quickly and simply introduce a complicated taste dimension.  

Adding Armagnac or even some Armagnac-soaked prunes to even the simplest recipe can transform it from a 10-minute dish into something absolutely suitable for a dinner party  

The miniature half-cup jars that French yogurt is packaged in may be used as the measuring cups in this recipe  

Grand Marnier, transform a childhood favorite into a dinner party staple.   

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