The tragic deaths of Keanu Reeves' girlfriend and daughter affected him.

Keanu Reeves has garnered attention for his on-screen talents and selfless deeds, 

winning over fans all around the world. He is regarded as one of the most modest celebrities ,

of our day despite his fortune, and he is a sincere kind person. Reeves has covertly donated ,

millions of dollars throughout the years while making a special effort to assist others. 

While coping with loss and loneliness, he established a cancer foundation, 

participated in charitable endeavors, and gave his wealth to leukemia research.

In addition to his best friend, his girlfriend, and his unborn kid, the "Matrix" actor also lost ,

a number of other loved ones. His early years weren't easy either. Due to his mother, 

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.