The South Carolina Democratic Primary's overwhelming triumph for President Biden has 3 lessons.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in South Carolina with a resounding victory, 

marking his first victory in his mostly unobstructed path to becoming the Democratic nominee in a potential rematch against Donald Trump in the fall.

Considering that Biden did not face a competitive opponent, it was not surprising that he won the election with a resounding victory, which was announced nearly immediately after the polls closed. 

Nevertheless, it was a significant achievement that put Biden on the path to winning the nomination, which he is working for in order to bring the entire party together in support of his candidacy.

At least 96% of the vote appears to be cast for Vice President Joe Biden, while Representative Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota, and author Marianne Williamson finished in the low single digits.

The following are three important things that I learned during the night.

As a result of his resounding victory in South Carolina, Biden has effectively eliminated any uncertainties regarding his potential to become the Democratic nominee. 

This is despite the fact that he has been confronted with numerous inquiries over his capacity to mobilize the base. 

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