The Rock rushes into Florida Equinox, causing a commotion.

– Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson visited an Equinox gym in Aventura, Fla., just 30 minutes before closing time.

– He arrived fresh off a flight and was eager to work out, so he bypassed the usual check-in process, causing the front desk team to be shaken by his presence.

– A staffer was overheard saying, "but he's so big," before finally approaching him to ask for check-in.

– The Rock apologized and explained that he had just gotten off a long flight and really needed to get a good workout in.

– Eventually, he checked in and even posed for selfies on his way out.

– Lenny Kravitz, the rocker, was also spotted at an Equinox gym in New York's Hudson Yards location.

– He wore an unusual workout gear, a Chrome Hearts tracksuit, sunglasses, and black biker boots.

– Witnesses mentioned that Lenny Kravitz was actively working out and engaging in strength training.

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