The most useful passive skills for a Rogue in Diablo 4 are:

Consider the class as a whole: Understand how the rogue functions to make informed choices for active and passive skills. 

Active and passive skills work together: Both are necessary for a successful build, as passive skills can enhance the effectiveness of active abilities. 

Don't underestimate passive skills: They have a significant impact on gameplay, and many active abilities synergize well with specific passive skills. 

Different builds have different needs: Tailor your passive skills to suit your build's requirements and playstyle. 

Choose versatile passive skills: Opt for skills that provide benefits to a wide range of potential builds, increasing their overall usefulness. 

Optimize active ability combinations: Pairing specific passive skills with the right active abilities can maximize their effectiveness. 

Strategize for synergy: Select passive skills that complement each other and enhance overall performance. 

Experiment and adapt: Continuously refine your build by trying out different passive skills and adjusting them based on your play experience. 

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