The FAA authorised Model A, a 100% electric flying car.

Alef Aeronautics has received legal permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to test run their flying car "Model A" on the road and in the sky. 

The certification received is the Special Airworthiness Certification, which imposes limitations on the locations and purposes for which the vehicle can fly 

The vehicle must also meet safety standards set by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration before it can take flight. 

Alef Aeronautics is the first company to receive such a certification for a vehicle that functions like a traditional car and has received permission to fly. 

The flying car is 100% electric, drivable on public roads, and has vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. 

It will be classified as a Low-Speed Vehicle and will not exceed 25 miles per hour on paved surfaces. 

Alef Aeronautics has received backing from a Tesla investor. 

The founders aimed to create a car that functions like a traditional vehicle, including driving and parking capabilities, while also incorporating vertical takeoff features, all at an affordable price point. 

The FAA authorised Model A, a 100% electric flying car.