The 'Down to Earth' Taylor Swift Collaboration: 'Incredible'

Misty Copeland will never forget working with Taylor Swift

On Who's Talking to Chris Wallace last week, Copeland termed joining Swift onstage for her career-spanning 2019 American Music Awards performance "incredible".

“You know, I have to say that Taylor Swift was one of the most humble, down to earth [individuals]," Copeland said Chris Wallace.

As Swift completed her artist of the decade award show performance with "Lover," Copeland and Hall performed. Ballet dancer and Prince collaborator stated she likes to perform on diverse stages.

I think ballet should be watched by more people. She stated it should be for everyone.

After becoming the first African American main dancer at American Ballet Theatre in 2015, Copeland has pioneered her field like Swift.

She told PEOPLE in May 2016 that the achievement provided her "added boost of power."

"Now I have a mission bigger than dancing. It shaped me as a woman and ballerina. It's allowed me to be a voice for future generations and those who didn't get to express their art "Copeland told PEOPLE.

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