The Brandy Daisy cocktail extends back to the golden age of mixology.

The Brandy Daisy is a vibrant, flowery concoction of brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and soda water.   

The Daisy is a drink category that dates back to the mid-1800s and uses a base liquor, a liqueur  

According to David Wondrich, a writer and cocktail historian, the Daisy is a "sour sweetened with a liqueur or flavored syrup  

lightened with a splash of sparkling water, and served in a cocktail glass."   

According to Wondrich, the Whiskey Daisy variety reigned in the early days and was most popular in the United States between the 1870s  

This cocktail frequently featured rye whiskey, orange curaçao, lime juice, and raspberry syrup, and was served with a splash of soda water.   

The Gin Daisy first became popular in the early 1900s, and it was often made with gin, grenadine, lime juice, and soda water, served in a tall glass with ice and intricate garnish.   

The Brandy Daisy was a popular bar cocktail at the time, peaking during the pre-Prohibition era.  

Jerry "The Professor" Thomas created the oldest Brandy Daisy recipe we have on record.  

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