The best way to stop your dog from following you inside the house

Puppies instinctively stay close to their parents. It was their wild survival. You now make them feel safe and comfortable by giving them treats, food, attention, and care.


Breed or rescue dog history may cause this. Your dog's disposition may determine it. This disorder often causes excessive barking, chewing shoes or furniture, urinating, and defecating in the house.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs must know everything. A wrapper crunch, cabinet opening, your motive for climbing or descending, etc. He jumps up and follows due to FOMO and curiosity.

Genuine curiosity

Your dog becomes bored and wants to play, like FOMO. Even if your dog does not need daily exercise due to age, size, or illness, he needs mental stimulation and, for larger breeds, a purpose.


Your dog may be mentally accustomed to and anticipating a pattern if it includes breakfast, walks, snacks, dinner, and cuddling in front of your favorite Netflix show. 

Habitual creature

When you enter the kitchen, your dog will expect a head scratch, treat, or a taste of your food. He'll be there every time you get up, whether you're going to the kitchen or not. For safety.

Rewarding and

Hello, pack animals. For protection, hunting success, and even friendship, your dog traveled in groups. 

His Human Family

He needs social interaction despite living with people. 

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