The Best Easy Strawberry Smoothie to Make  

Looking for a quick and easy smoothie recipe that your kids will love?  

Here's a wonderful and simple Strawberry Smoothie recipe you may try this afternoon!Snacks versus Meals.  

It's a big debate in our house because, while I work my life away (well, maybe not literally)  

preparing three healthy whole-food meals per day, my kid would rather nibble all day. String cheese.

1 cup sliced strawberries—even better if frozen. 1 cup milk (I prefer almond milk, but any sort would do). 1 cup Greek yogurt, plain or vanilla.   

One banana (may be frozen). 1–2 tablespoons honey.   

Blend all ingredients on high until thick, smooth, and wonderful.

This recipe yields 3 cups, which you can store in the refrigerator (or freeze!) or share with a friend.  

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