The 1923 Yellowstone spinoff has been scrapped due to the franchise relaunch.

Despite the franchise's changes, Yellowstone prequel star Brandon Sklenar says 1923 season 2 will conclude the limited plot.As the franchise changes, 1923 season 2 of Yellowstone will cease. 

In the prequel series, Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) and Jacob (Harrison Ford) protect the Yellowstone ranch from desperate ranchers and.  

Strong corporations who seek to plunder the huge environment. In the age of reboots and expansions, 1923 was originally a two-season show. 

Obvious if the spinoff could go beyond its initial plot.During a cast panel interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Spencer Dutton's actor Brandon Sklenar said that 1923 will.  

End with season 2. Sklenar refers to the Yellowstone prequel series as "limited," thereby shutting the door on any inquiries about a potential season.  

3 and beyond. Voici what the actor has to say:Although the future of 1923 is unquestionable, the Yellowstone franchise has recently been troubled because of Kevin Costner's pivotal.

Involvement in the main series, which has many people wondering what's next. The actor from Dances with Wolves has since committed to his.  

Impending big Western passion project Horizon, delaying the filming of Yellowstone season 5's final six episodes. Yellowstone will finish after season 5, Paramount announced earlier this month.

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