Taylor Swift's 1989 Taylor Version: Who is behind ‘Say Don’t Go’ song

Recently, Taylor Swift has released five songs from her back catalog, one of which is a re-recorded version of the song "1989."

The song was composed by her in collaboration with the renowned music veteran Diane Warren,

who has written songs for virtually everyone you know, from Mariah Carey to Aerosmith and everyone in between

Despite the fact that Swifties are familiar with the track, 'Say Don't Go' has never been released to the public until now

"To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I've ever done because the 5 From the Vault tracks are so insane,"

 Taylor said in a social media post in response to the re-release of the song "1989.

While Taylor was working on her fifth studio album, which was released in 1989, she wrote this song.

During that time period, the press was paying close attention to Taylor's romantic relationships, and it just so happened that she was in a relationship with Harry Styles

Even though they were only together for a short period of time, their relationship was widely reported in the tabloids.

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